Tips to Optimize Your Design for a Custom Metal Fabrication Project

Tips to Optimize Your Design for a Custom Metal Fabrication Project


Do you have a creation in mind that you desperately want to come to fruition? Perhaps it’s a design involving metal fabrication? Well, here’s the good news!

Whether it’s for personal use or industry-related projects, custom fabrication in Ferrum provides you that high-end service encompassing auto, aerospace, construction, and lots more.

Now, if you already have a project in mind or if you’re still in the middle of sketching blueprints for a custom metal fabrication that you’re not confident about — worry no more.

To help you materialize that dream design, here are some tips you can take in for that perfect and durable custom fabrication that sets right just for you.


What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

But first, what is Custom Metal Fabrication? Custom Metal Fabrication covers the whole process of manufacturing metal parts and structural elements from pure raw materials.

It’s everything from stamping, cutting, bending, and roll forming to the finishing touches of putting everything together to establish that signature design you want to fabricate. 

May it be the civil, drainage, concrete, landscape, and miscellaneous products you want custom-designed, there is always that company with high-caliber and reliable services that would definitely answer all of your custom metal fabrication needs.

So without further ado, here are the tips to optimize your design for a custom metal fabrication project…


Select the Right Custom Fabrication Company

How certain are you that the materials and engineers you’re paying for are fail-safe, professional, and great at their work?

The first tip is to ensure the appropriate selection of a legitimate custom fabrication company. You see, selecting materials influences the quality and design of a specific project. With that being said, it’s vital to know where metal fabricator companies purchase the resources they use for the projects they create.

They usually buy materials straight from their trusted metal suppliers brought by its wide array of possibilities and benefits, subsequently giving you the opportunity to check out the variety of metals they can provide for you at a negotiable cost.

This includes the manpower, time, and skill-service they can offer to you. Experience and exceptional customer service are signs of good quality work. Moreover, possessing the ability to provide specialized engineers that proffer prized recommendations on your projects is without a doubt, something you must look out for.

This is the reason why choosing the right company should be at the top of your list if you want assurance and credibility on your desired finish product.


Prepare Thorough RFQ Details

The second tip is being comprehensively detailed on your “Request for Quote” (RFQ). The more information you issue, the more precise your estimated cost will be.

In the RFQ, be technical. Include drawings, applied specifications, engineering blueprints, plans and profiles, location, contact addresses, delivery dates, etc.

While it is true that metal fabricators aid you with lots of things, it’s also important to remember that knowing what you want and the preferences you need become the basis of your coveted output.

It is through this mindset that the foundation and finish of your product shall result in a satisfactory connection on both the customer and manufacturer, respectively.


Include Metal Fabricator in the Preliminary Process

The third tip is to make sure that you involve your metal fabricator in the initial process. If you do this, you are paving the path towards being given reliable feedbacks and suggestions that will help better optimize your design at an early stage and receive honest opinions on possible alterations for the feasibility of your design.

If you don’t, it might be too late. To see your design changed and altered merely because it wasn’t feasible could be costly, and no one wants that to happen. 

So, interact with your metal fabricator in the early stages of your design. 


Exclude Irrelevant Design Information

The fourth tip is to make certain of the necessary information you’re putting into your design. Examine every detail of the layout for it is the key to a durable and excellent metal fabrication.

Needless to say, it would be a different story if you bombard your plan with irrelevant details as it could lead to a delay in the process and misunderstanding on the fabricator’s side causing more problems in the future.

As much as possible, ask them for help. They will tell you design details whether they’re deemed necessary or not. That’s much better compared to seeing them struggle on that overloaded information.


Choose Good-Quality Materials

The fifth tip is to input high-quality materials. The efficiency, durability, and effectiveness of your product depend on the resources you will be purchasing to achieve that desired finish look.

Metal fabricators commonly recommend various types of raw materials that will be suitable for your project.

Doing research is helpful but asking for pieces of advice from your fabrication company is more convenient as they have the expertise to match it with not only your preference but also aid you with managing estimated costs and productions.

It is therefore crucial that you don’t merely depend on your sole knowledge but take into consideration professional insights that are backed up with enough skill-set experiences.


Conduct Test Before Fabrication Process

You never really know if the design you came up with, would work well in real-life situations. As you can see from the blueprint design to the actual process and up to the final application — determining whether the design would become successful might be a mystery.

The last tip is to make sure that projects from custom metal fabrication companies undergo a series of tests before they are realized.

Metal fabricators make use of 3Ds, prototypes, etc. ensuring that they are made possible to be manufactured.

Tests are important. They show the competence and achievability of the customers and engineers that make the project happen.


BOTTOMLINE: Why Choose Ferrum?

The bottom line is to get yourself a trusted metal fabricator that knows how to translate designs into that structural form. Someone who understands your vision and communicates effectively with an eye for details. Being one of the leading structural steel fabricators in Australia, Ferrum guarantees our customer's satisfaction in every transaction.

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