Cost-Saving Tips for Your  Custom Metal Fabrication Project

Cost-Saving Tips for Your Custom Metal Fabrication Project


People often think that the higher we pay for the product the higher the quality of the product is but that is not always the case. There are a lot of ways to get high quality custom metal fabrication projects but not going way out of budget, beginning from the planning up until receiving the actual product. Custom fabrication companies such as Ferrum provides you a wide variety of options on cost-saving products without compromising the quality.


Custom fabrication or steel fabrication needs extensive planning. There are a lot to consider before proceeding with the project. One of the most important points to remember is the communication between you, the client, and the company that you choose to make your product. There is also choosing which custom Fabrication Company you would like to make your idea come to life.



Everything can be customised based on one’s personal interest or need simply because they want it to look in a specific way of their liking or plainly just being unique. One of the constantly rising industries mainly focuses on custom metal fabrications. A lot of projects today need big construction using small specific sizes and this is where custom metal fabrication takes place. Clients often have different requirements and it may differ in size, shape, design, etc.  With the use of advance technology these requirements and other possibilities are always possible with utmost precision and accuracy. Professionals use the laser as the primary cutting service to be as exact as possible.

Any custom metal fabrication from start to finish is very costly and we are always looking for ways to save money but the goal is to get good quality for the best price possible.  Cost factors such as material, which changes prices every now and then, the labour, the design, shipping fees, possible prototypes, actual production process and finishing processes are some of these factors that a client should consider. To save money as much as possible, you will need a well optimized design and cost-saving plans. Here are some list of tips that can help you on saving on your next custom metal fabrication project.



Top-of-the-line equipment is a necessary tool for any custom fabrication or steel fabrication project and an experienced and qualified custom fabrication company is guaranteed to have updated and essential equipment available needed. Should you tour the facility to see if modern equipment is being used which allows fabricators improve product quality is essential but not always necessary as long as the company provides updated details. The use of this advanced equipment containing the latest technology available in the market will generate a precise end product minimizing costly errors.



Any inaccuracy will lead to problems in the workflow and will lead to costly errors and delays during fabrication. Precision is important. Intricate designs require detail planning and an experienced team or company. It is important to communicate with the fabricator and provide your fabricator with concrete designs and a well thought out project details. A minor error or a missing detail in the drawing or drafts of any format will require additional development and professional resources that costs money and time. It is very important to have your design prepared by professional designers or engineering before submitting the materials to your fabricator and the fabricator will provide an accurate quote using final drawings and can even make suggestions for alternatives to materials or processes that will save you more money in the end.



A company with good financial history and demonstrated financial stability over the years will likely to excel at managing resources even in complex situations. A check of their past and current projects will also tell you on how they handle projects similar to yours and that the quality of the past work indicates the experience with which they will approach your project. You need to find a custom fabrication company that provides diverse customer base and has shown exemplary results through their previous projects. Working with a steel fabrication company experienced in custom fabrication, structural steel, rolling, forming, processing, machining and finishing will allow you to complete most, if not all, of your fabrication needs with one stop rather than working with multiple fabricators.




During this phase, you need to consider the problems that might come up during the process and this needs communication with the fabricator. Communicate materials restrictions at the outset. The fabricators investment in resources and technology reflects the ability to address the needs to adapt to a certain project requirement. A fabricator company that can handle the pace with modern demands can serve your projects need with agility and attention to detail. Review your project with your fabricator consistently, communication is key. Needs and preferences that aren’t clearly expressed may lead to unnecessary secondary costs.

You also need to consider the complicated parts. The more complicated your part is, the more expensive it will be to produce which mean you should simplify you designs. The simplest design that the part will allow will be the most affordable. The other thing that should be considered is that the more features with tolerance callouts, the more expensive it will be, so limit the use of tight tolerance. You should only assign key tolerances to feature and surfaces critical to the parts functionality, limiting tight tolerance will create a more affordable design.



Look for a company who employs in-house engineers who offers design services. They typically have specialized skills and experience specific to the fabrication process you prefer. Having in-house engineers available to work on your projects adds more perspective which would help reduce material and production costs. Proximity will be an advantage if you decide to partner with a local fabricator. In this way you have the luxury to check the facility and how advance they are rather than coordinating and requiring expensive and time-consuming trips to another place. This will also provide easier communication whether phone or face-to-face meetings which is more productive and easier on a regular basis. Done right, this can be a fruitful, long term business partnership.



Choosing the right material for your project can save you a ton of money. When choosing your final material, be sure to use the most affordable material that will still carry out the functions of the part properly. A use of a standard sheet metal gauge will also save some money when designing your product. It is important to a common gauge to cut costs associated with variable gauges. You should also consider mill-direct supplies, meaning that they are able to negotiate material costs on their client’s behalf. Not only can these fabricators negotiate on better prices, but also better products.


Not all custom fabrication companies are capable of completing the same quality of work that Ferrum provides with all the years of experience delivering quality products, good customer services and always exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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