Driveway Drainage: Why It’s Important

Driveway Drainage: Why It’s Important


Do you see puddles on your driveway long after it has rained? Perhaps, you’ve stressed out every time it rains because water keeps threatening your garage door.

If you’re struggling with any of these problems, it’s probably because you don’t have an effective driveway drainage solution installed. Don’t worry. In the next few minutes we’ll cover the following :

  • Problems with Wet Driveway
  • What is a Driveway Drainage Solution 
  • Why it’s Important to Get Custom Driveway Grates
  • Why You Need It Professionally Installed

And so much more. So, let’s get to it. 


Problems with Wet Driveway 


  • Growth in your Driveway

A wet driveway often encourages the growth of moss, lichen, mould, mildew and algae. These growths aren’t just unattractive. They could grow in cracks of your driveway just like weeds can. These growths can make these cracks become wider. 

They can also cause safety concerns. They can make the surface of your driveway become dangerously slippery. 

Stop them from ever becoming a pest on your own property by making sure you don’t have a wet driveway. You can do this by having an effective driveway drainage solution


  • Costly Structural Damage 

Having a poor driveway channel and grates could encourage long-standing water on your driveway. Long-standing water may seem like a minor problem. However, they can often lead to cracks, potholes and crumbling on your driveway. Over time, these cracks and potholes get worse over time. These can lead to expensive repairs and repaving of your asphalt driveway. 

This happens because the standing waters find their way through the cracks and get absorbed by the asphalt. During the harsh winter season, this water freezes, causing more damage to the asphalt. Not only does it cost damage to your property, but it’s also unsafe. The long-standing water turns into ice and becomes slippery. People could slip or get into an accident just by walking over your driveway. 


  • Unattractive Concrete Staining 

Discolouration can often be linked to snow or rain that remains stagnant on your driveway. These water stains are caused by mineral buildup. They are difficult to remove , that’s why it’s best to just prevent them.


  • Embarrassing Bad Odour At Your Driveway

Having a poor drainage system often lead to stagnant water. Driveway grates are meant to keep debris out of the drainage. Without it, debris can cause blockage in the drainage by letting unwanted debris in. Often, this results in dirty and smelly stagnant water. This can be quite a turn-off to guests. It can also be difficult or frustrating to experience as a property owner. The bad odour does not only causes inconveniences to neighbours and people that visit your home. It can also mean that bacteria and all sorts of microorganisms might be swimming in those waters. These can be disease-causing microorganisms that’ll cause illnesses to people nearby. 


  • Encourage Mosquitoes To Breed

When you have a lot of stagnant water, it encourages the breeding of mosquitoes. Driveway grates keep waste from building up and clogging your drainage system. Without it, there’s going to be a build-up of waste materials in your own property. The clogged drainage channels caused by the lack of effective driveway grates set up the perfect condition for disease-carrying vectors to breed. The most common of them all is mosquitoes. They carry diseases that cause severe symptoms like fever, diarrhea and even death. We all know that the last thing that you’d want to compromise is you and your family’s health. 


  • Water running through the garage door  

A poor drainage system often results in water running over the deck and under the garage door. This can be annoying and dangerous. It could damage your furniture and electric outlets. It’s also annoying to keep cleaning or trying to keep the water out during the rainy seasons. Having an effective driveway drainage solution with driveway grates will make sure your garage floor is dry and safe. 

To prevent all of these from happening, you need an effective driveway drainage system. 



What is a Driveway Drainage System? 

It helps prevent flooding on your property. They give water a place to go to so they don’t stay on your driveway or inside your homes. 

An effective driveway drainage solution also includes effective driveway grates. They keep debris out of your driveway channel so that it remains unclogged. 

Why is it Important to Have Custom Driveway Grates?

Because driveway grates must keep debris out of your drainage system, it’s important that you’re not restricted to standard off-the-shelf products. Choose the material that best fit your needs. That means, they should be slip-resistant and easy to clean. They should also use a material that’s durable and fits your property size and shape requirements. 

Here’s a summary of what you need for your custom driveway grates:

  • They must be customized to fit the top of your channel drain.
  • They must use quality material that’s meant to last long.
  • They should support the weight of vehicles and foot traffic.
  • They should only have the exact features you need. Using quality material while removing unnecessary features can help you save money both long-term and short term.
  • They must not be made with slippery material or design.
  • They must fit the design or colour of your property. Custom driveway grates gives you the power to match the design with the tiles nearby and so much more.

These custom driveway grates give you the power to make a statement. Express your style and design with custom driveway grates.



Have Yours Professionally Installed

While it’s tempting to install your drainage solution or driveway grates on your own, it’s not advisable for safety reasons. Aside from keeping debris out, driveway grates keep people and vehicles from falling in the trench as well. Hence, you need an expert to make sure the correct assessments are done. You’re less likely to spend more money because of mistakes and redos when you have your driveway grates professionally installed. 

If you’re looking for custom driveway solutions and driveway grates, we’re here to help! Send us a message today.

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