About Us

Founded in 1975 as a family-run metal fabrication solutions supplier, Ferrum has become well-versed in the civil, drainage, concrete and landscaping industries. With this experience and expertise, the natural progression was to share this directly with you, our customers, and so we launched our Retail & Trade division.

What is Ferrum?

If our logo looks familiar to you, you may recognise it from the periodic table of elements where Fe represents the chemical element, iron. Beyond its usefulness in construction, iron for us represents versatility, strength and innovation – all traits that we embody here at Ferrum.

Beyond our in-house manufacturing and design capabilities, we’ve formed strategic alliances that benefit our customers with civil, drainage, concrete, and landscape solutions. In addition to our pursuit to support the local economy, we emphasize quality. Our in-house engineers, industrial designer and commercial builder all contribute to the delivery of a complete solution for our customers within project deadlines. We supply Australia-wide and our extensive range makes us a one-stop shop for all those in the construction industry.

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