Stormwater Pollution: The Guide to Preventing It

Stormwater Pollution: The Guide to Preventing It

What is stormwater pollution?

Did you know that when it rains or snow, some of them don’t soak into the ground? They flow from rooftops, pavements, bare soil, and sloped areas. As they flow, they collect and transport trash, pesticides, oil, grease, salt, animal waste, heavy metals from cars, bacteria from failed septic systems and other pollutants.  This phenomenon can result in stormwater pollution. 

But how bad can stormwater pollution be? Well, they often result in one or more of the following. 

  • Bad odours - The sewage system could leak because of stormwater runoff. This results in bad odours.
  • Contaminated water - Letting contaminants and pollutants such as pesticides and chemicals flow to nearby creeks and streams will result in contaminated water.
  • Algae blooms - Stormwater runoff increases the transport of nutrients into waterways.  These nutrients come from excess water from fertilizers and wastewater. This condition promotes algal blooms that deplete oxygen in the water. They also keep sunlight from reaching fishes and plants.
  • Fish kills - Because the oxygen in the water is depleted, more fishes die or abandon the area. When the algae die, the microbes that decompose the dead algae use up more oxygen. This results in more fish kills. 
  • Flooding in your area and damage to your property
  • Threat to you and your family’s health  - Because stormwater carries many pollutants, chemicals and even harmful bacteria from sewage systems, they can make you and your family sick.
  • Unappealing dirty water, trash and debris in your property - The trash and debris in your property won’t be appealing to tenants, neighbours or visitors. It could affect the impression and profitability of your property.
  • Costly water treatment  - With the increased contaminant and pollution in the water, stormwater runoffs can increase the water treatment cost near your property.

And so much more. 

Not only does it negatively affect the welfare of you and your family, but it also poses a threat to our marine life and ecosystem. 


What causes stormwater pollution?

There are many pollutants that add to the storm drains. An example would be animal waste, litter, soapy car wash water, fertilizers, paint, pesticides, eroded sediments from construction projects, yard clippings, used motor oil and sewage overflow. 

Bottom line, it’s a result of our everyday activities. These activities result in many pollutants that are carried by the stormwater. This results in a negative impact on our health and marine life.  That’s why we must do our part to prevent it. 


What are the steps to prevent it? 

There are many ways to help prevent stormwater pollution. Here are ways you can contribute to keeping our stormwater free of pollutants. 


  • Don’t litter. You don’t want your trash flowing down.
  • Clear away leaves and debris so it’s not washed down when it rains.  That means it’s important to sweep your driveways and sidewalks. 
  • To neutralize the soup and grime, wash your vehicle over your lawn. Keep the debris from flowing to our creeks and streams.
  • Fix any car fluid leaks. 
  • Use pesticides and other garden chemicals sparingly.
  • Don’t over-water your garden to minimize runoff.
  • Be responsible for your pet waste. 
  • To prevent sewage overflow and leaks, keep your septic system well-maintained and clean. The bacteria found in them can be harmful. 
  • Throw your cigarette butts in the trash can.
  • Use stormwater accessories to maintain a quality drainage system.

What are stormwater accessories I can use?  

Depending on your needs, there are certainly some stormwater accessories you can use to control stormwater pollution. 

  • Channel End Cap -   One of the stormwater accessories your drainage system must have is a channel end cap. It covers the end of channels providing protection from dirt. The ones available here in Ferrum is made from galvanized steel.

  • Channel Joiners -  To make channels longer for continuous runs, channel joiners are stormwater accessories you just can’t miss. With Ferrum, you’ll discover channel joiners that will suit any size channel that you pick. 

  • Orifice Plate - You need an orifice plate for an onsite detention tank systems. You see, orifice plates are stormwater accessories that help reduce and control the flow of water released to the councils stormwater system. If you’re looking for a range of stainless steel orifice plates, you can get them here in Ferrum at any size you require.

  • Galvanised Detention Tank Trash - To prevent stormwater pollution, you need to keep floating and submerged debris from entering stormwater and wastewater systems.  Galvanised detention tank trash is a type of stormwater accessories that do just that. They keep debris out, while the flow of water continues. 


Stormwater pollution is caused by our collective actions just like leaving our litter anywhere, washing our car on a sloped pavement, and failing to clean after our pets. That means it’s also our collective responsibility to keep it from happening. One way of doing this is to use stormwater accessories for an effective drainage system. 

Do you want to take advantage of stormwater accessories? Prevent stormwater pollution today by sending us a message. 

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