Tips on Creating Your Custom Outdoor Fire Pit

Tips on Creating Your Custom Outdoor Fire Pit


A lot of people love to gather near a fire place and enjoy the warmth and company. Modern times have evolved the use of the common fire pit. It is no longer for cooking, unless you are roasting marshmallows and hotdogs, but more of a leisure area or an additional room of attraction of the backyard. We always look for more stylish and sustainable products. If you are a sociable person who likes to invite family or friends over, a custom outdoor fire pit and a custom BBQ pit is the perfect choice for you. With everything happening today, the pandemic has prohibited us from simply travelling to our local park to unwind and have fun as a family but with a custom outdoor fire pit, a simple get together in the backyard would be a great activity for the kids and the adults. Drinking beer and wine accompanied with the warmth and light of the fire place while the children play on the grass and a simple delicious meal where everyone can be involve in preparing with your custom BBQ pit.






A simple gathering around the fire pit with beer and wine and some music is a great conversational function area for sophisticated parties and gatherings.


A great space for leisure on the warm days but provide warmth on chilly nights.


Whether you intend it for general sense of calmness or serenity or provide both depending on what you feel.


This doesn’t require an everyday thorough cleaning. A broom, some power washing and you’re all set for the next party.


With the right budget and plan, you won’t spend more than what you think. It is an affordable investment.



Let's look at some things that our custom outdoor fire pits do to our houses now that we are aware of how to build one up. Beyond only keeping you warm in the winter, a distinctive outdoor fire pit may be used for other purposes. All year long, you can benefit from its benefits and characteristics. These benefits may be psychological or material, and they may also have a timeless, elegant appearance. This house extension is the perfect place to relax and catch up.


It Will Brighten Your Space

There's no need to wire your backyard from top to bottom for illumination. Installing fixtures on your deck and lighting up a different area of your backyard with a custom outdoor fire pit will help you save money. The space should be illuminated to provide the ideal amount of usefulness and atmosphere if you get a roaring fire going.


Heat Up Your Get Together

We cannot overlook the simple fact that fire pits offer warmth. Therefore, you can construct a fire not just when you have summer BBQs but also in the fall and winter when you invite friends and family over for an outdoor celebration. If a custom outdor fire pit is installed close to a lake, hot tub, or swimming pool, it is especially enjoyable. Imagine getting out of the water after a late-summer swim and drying off in front of a warm fire.


Create A Great Ambience for Your Backyard

While raging bonfires are entertaining, they aren't useful in residential areas. On the other hand, custom outdoor fire pits may offer the same ambiance while still being practical and secure. Your outdoor decor will have an unmatched individuality, elegance, and atmosphere thanks to an outdoor fireplace or one that is incorporated into the patio. With beautiful backyard landscaping, custom outdoor fire pits, wood burning pits, and even commercial fire pits make the perfect backdrop for relaxing with friends or cuddling up with your significant other. All the difference is made by a little warmth.


Replace A Grill

You may use your wood-burning custom outdoor fire pit to cook hot dogs, kebabs, or packages of meat or veggies that are wrapped in foil in addition to toasting s'mores. Simply add a detachable grill rack on top.


Fire Pits Keeps Bugs Away

Mosquitoes might be a difficulty to deal with from May to August. Due of these tiny bloodsuckers, whose breeding activity is at its peak around this time, most individuals end their nightly activities. Insects can be kept at bay during these difficult months by using a custom outdoor fire pit, growing plants that repel mosquitoes, and lighting multiple citronella candles. Bugs can be effectively repelled by burning soft woods.


 Add entertainment

Custom outdoor fire pits provide a quiet form of entertainment, both in terms of stoking a fire and observing the flames. Your fire pit will spice up your outdoor activities, whether you simply sit and stare at the flames while conversing with family and friends or simply meditate alone. Why speak when you zone out with the dancing flames in front of you?


Backyard Centerpiece

A custom outdoor fire pit provides a focal point for your garden and can be flanked by benches or your bean bags. This seating area will catch people's attention, especially if your lot is flat and unattractive. Fire pits may add considerable beauty to your room because they are available in a range of shapes, from circular to rectangular, sleek to embellished with glass crystals, red rocks, or pebbles. Consult a local landscape designer for assistance choosing the perfect look.


Boosts the Value of Homes

Compared to "conventional" landscaping, adding a firepit boosts a home's value and gives your property a unique, contemporary feel. Today's trend causes properties with one to draw more interest from prospective purchasers. The design of your house and the area around it can both be highlighted by custom outdoor fire pits.



Now that you have addressed all the pertinent issues, it is time for you to choose the type of design you desire. Here are some ideas for you to consider:



This style is the ideal choice for a fire pit and barbecue. Simply put, it's a beautiful addition to any yard. The grill is a fire pit that, unlike other fire pits, can be rotated and positioned on a spike. Due to its ease of setup, you can bring it camping with you.



The distinctive "fins" on the base of this bespoke outdoor fire pit, which is made of sturdy, unpolished raw steel, are how it gets its name. The fire pit is given a natural treatment so that it can rust to a brown patina colour naturally for a more rustic appearance. In addition to their rustic aspect, these custom outdoor fire pits are constructed with clean, straight lines for a more geometrical design.



Even if they have a straightforward form, some custom outdoor fire pit designs nonetheless manage to look appealing. That is just what this amazing fire pit accomplishes. Heavy-duty Corten steel is used to construct the primary bowl for practical and long-term use. The size of these custom outdoor fire pits is just right for your patio in the rear. Its stability is additionally enhanced by the geometric basis. It is built of robust metal and has a high-temperature black powder coat finish.

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Before diving into planning on creating a custom fire pit there are questions first you need to address: 1. Is the fire pit part of the overall renovation project or just an added feature to an existing area? 2. What kind of fire pit would I like? 3. What is the fuel source? 4. Is the fire pit going to be permanently installed or not? If you already have an answer to all those questions then you can continue on planning and creating your own custom fire pit and custom BBQ pit.


Professional tips on how to create your custom outdoor fire pit:



    You need to plan on what materials you are going to use in your custom fire pit and custom BBQ pit. If you go for a metal bowl you need to consider that the bowl will get hot from the fire and if you are thinking about adding safer material then a layer of fire bricks would do the job, just be mindful not to use sedimentary rocks as they could explode due to the air bubbles they contain. Try to gather more information on the best rocks to use for this type of work.



      It is vital that you make sure you know what type of fuel you are going to use for your pit. If you are considering to burn natural gas then you should install your pit where a gas line can be installed and if you are considering a wood-burning pit then you should make sure to put a screen over it to prevent sparks coming out and causing fire and burns and make sure that is not situated under a flammable area.



        If you’re contemplating on a portable custom outdoor fire pit or BBQ pit then it is important for you to buy a stand for the fire pit bowl. If you’re considering a permanent installation then a wood-burning or natural gas type of fuel pit would be the best fit for the job. As mentioned above you need to use heat-resistant materials to construct the fire pit’s external structure to prevent cracking and crumble that would lead to expensive repairs.



          A building permit is needed for any renovation projects but this depends on which residential area you live in. the best thing to do is try to contact the necessary departments to make sure we are not breaking any laws.



            It is the most important thing to make sure before doing anything. This will prevent any fire accidents and causing damage to your property or the neighbours. Make sure that you remove all dry bushes and leaves when installing and always keeping it away from any highly flammable materials as possible. Always be attentive when dealing with fire as this can cause burns and even endangering human life.


            If you need the professional help and advice, Ferrum is the best company to do so. With years of experience they now more about custom outdoor fire pits and the like better than anybody. Always keep in mind on what is important and never take short cuts for this will only result in more expensive repairs and addition the following years. Always seek advice from the professionals who know how to deal with this kind of projects. It is better to pay a few hundred more on consultation and construction than paying more for the repairs or other bills.

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