5 Benefits of Powder Coating in Metal Fabrication

5 Benefits of Powder Coating in Metal Fabrication


There are several options to choose from when considering finishing your custom steel fabrication project and two of the most common choices are paint and powder coating. If you want to go on a more traditional approach paint is for you, but it comes with many limitations in colour and finish. On the other hand, powder coating is often more of an advanced option for finishing your custom steel fabrication project and can often be provided at the same cost of paint. There are lot of benefits and advantages if you choose to powder coat you project and we will discuss it one by one below.



Everything can be customized based on one’s personal interest or need simply because they want it to look in a specific way of their liking or plainly just being unique. One of the constantly rising industries mainly focuses on custom steel fabrications. A lot of projects today need big construction using small specific sizes and this is where custom steel fabrication takes place. Clients often have different requirements and it may differ in size, shape, design, etc.  With the use of advance technology these requirements and other possibilities are always possible with utmost precision and accuracy. Professionals use the laser as the primary cutting service to be as exact as possible.

Fabrication projects require knowledge and utmost professionalism from a company who does steel fabrication and installation like Ferrum Engineering and Fabrication with professional steel fabricators in Sydney.



It is described as a dry finishing process that has gain popularity since its introduction in North America over in the 1960s. Over 15% of the industrial finishing market is represented by powder coating because of its versatility on a wide array of products. A lot of companies specify the use of powder coating as a finishing process because of its quality, durability and a lot more. They can also be used as a functional or protective and decorative finishes as they are available in almost limitless range of colours and textures, and technological advancements have resulted in excellent performance properties.





It leaves metal products with much more durable covering and finish. It is more flexible than traditional paint and perhaps one of the toughest overall finishes in the market. It is perfect for places that are prone to constant weather changes as it is highly resistant to scratching, flaking and corrosion. This allows trouble-free daily use and product longevity far beyond what paints can offer. It creates a coat twice as thick as paint, ensuring that the coating is strong and will last.



It is more efficient than paint in terms of process. It takes less time than painting or plating and because of the electromagnetic charge used to hold the powder to part, little waste is produced which results in fewer costs and labour. It is cheaper than paint which saves you a few hundred more. It also takes less space than paint. It also allows powder coating processors more profits and their work; it is a win-win for both customer and fabricator.



Colour schemes are limitless; you can even include texturing and patterns through the powder coating technique. Regardless of shape, size and complexity, if the product can take an electric charge, it can be powder coated. There is no problem for steel fabricators in designing and manufacturing a product may it be irregular in shape or with tight bends and hollow cavities. It does not even require sanding or refinishing.



Consumers have recognized powder coating as a top quality product and a good and safe investment as well. It stands out more than wet paint. Everything that powder coating provides, it makes a statement of care and quality that equates to value and satisfaction.



Powder coating is much more environmentally friendly than paint. The liquid finishing products of paints typically include solvents that contain volatile organic compounds which can cause damage to the environment when released into the atmosphere. Aside from being harmful to the environment it also poses a serious health problems to those exposed for long periods of time. When you opt for powder coating over liquid finishing products, you will avoid these potential damages to the environment and human health.


These are just the basic benefits of using powder coating. Read more articles about powder coating if you are deciding to use one.


Custom steel fabrication appears to be an industry term that would be difficult for a novice to understand. Not to worry, though, since this is where we dissect the concept of custom steel fabrication, manufacturing, and installation into its component parts. And you never know, you could only need this for your industrial and construction project. To give you a little preview on what custom steel fabrication is these are steel fabrication used in your replacement grating. Below are additional information you need to know about custom steel fabrication. Continue reading as we start with the fundamentals to pique your curiosity and ignite your knowledge.



Custom steel fabrication is a multistep process that requires the application of technical know-how, methods, and tools in order to be completed successfully and effectively. Numerous consumer and industrial products with varying quality that are utilized in various applications and industries are produced using custom steel fabrication. In fact, the majority of construction firms, engineers, contractors, and structural steel fabricators in the building sector have long favored and dominated structural steelwork as their preferred material option. Due to the quality, dependability, scalability, economic feasibility, and long-term sustainability that steel fabrication provides, it is used in a wide range of sectors.

The act of transforming raw steel into a product or item that may be used in the construction or assembly of other things or constructions is known as steel fabrication. Iron and other metal alloys are thought to be the basic building blocks of steel. Steels come in a wide variety of grades and compositions, all of which are used in the production and structural processes. Fabrication is essentially the process of shaping a metal into the desired shape.



It takes a range of various sorts of raw materials to fabricate and install custom steel fabrication. For some applications, selecting the appropriate raw materials can actually mean the difference between life and death. This is due to the fact that the raw materials have such a significant influence on the final product's hardness, rigidity, and tenacity. The raw materials that are used most commonly in fabrication operations include plate or sheet alloys, molds, fittings, hardware, expanded metals, and segment metals.

The ability to cool and harden molten metal in a sand mold of the correct shape makes casting a highly sought-after technique for the fabrication of complex geometries. Casting becomes a very appealing technique because of this. Although the melted metal is chosen for usage based on the specifications of the specific application, mild steel and stainless steel are still the metals that are most usually employed. During the casting process, raw materials such as epoxy, earthen concrete, and flux are used. Additionally, stretched or shaped sheets may be used as raw materials in the fabrication and installation processes for custom steel fabrication. The metal sheet is stretched by a rolling machine, which causes the sheet to grow. The expanded sheet is a very useful component for building the doors or other furniture. Furthermore, using a number of shaping processes, the flat sheet of metal can be formed into a three-dimensional item.

The use of hardware, which also simplifies the process of fabricating and installing custom steel fabrication, can increase the overall strength of the resultant product. Some of the useful elements in this collection of hardware are handles, laches, cables, and chains. Fittings are among the additional elements.




No matter how complex the function design is, professional steel fabricators can easily accomplish the required functionality of architecture and engineering. The design goal is accomplished using structural steel. The use of structural steel can encourage designers to be more creative and experimental in their work.



Since the climate has a significant impact on the performance and efficiency of stainless steel, professional steel fabricators understand how important it is to match the grade of stainless steel to the environment. Knowing how to assess environmental conditions enables users to select the grade of stainless steel that can be used for outdoor applications without consulting a specialist. The exterior steel construction will be able to endure any weather conditions as a result.



In order to emphasize lateral displacement, fluidity, visibility of the frame, and strength, among other qualities, architects may highlight steel's inherent beauty in the design of their structures.  Custom steel fabrication is the only building element that gives the architect as much variety and uniqueness in how they can express themselves. Additionally, the skilled steel fabricators have the ability to curve and shape the structural steel sections, which contributes to further enhancing the buildings' external appearance.



With any other type of construction material, the degree of versatility a custom steel fabrication is not possible to achieve. As a result, structural steel has become the material of choice for designers, builders, and engineers. That’s why most people use custom steel fabrication in their drain grate replacement because of how versatile and durable it is.



Because custom steel fabrication is a material with a high degree of strength, it helps to lighten the load on the structure. It offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio when compared to other materials. As a result, the buildings and structures are lighter and don't need as large and substantial of foundations.

The steel fabrication in Sydney has been on demand and on the rise. A lot of custom steel fabrication projects opt to use powder coating as it poses many benefits like the ones mentioned above. You protect your money but at the same time getting the top quality service and product you deserve. If you are planning to get a custom steel product, Ferrum provides a wide variety of services and this includes powder coating. With the experience and knowledge accompanied with top quality equipment, you are sure to be in safe hands and really getting your moneys-worth.

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