Types of Table Bases - Custom Metal Table Legs

Types of Table Bases - Custom Metal Table Legs


Custom metal table legs allow for a lot of customization. You can personalize your table base in many ways when using metal as the main material. First off, you need to identify what type of table base you want to use. There are different types out there but all of these can be categorized into single post, pedestal, double-based, and four-legged.


Single post  table legs are most often made of metal and this type is considered as a classic American style. It is a common type you can see on custom metal table legs. It is cylindrical in shape, like a pipe metal piece attached into a round or square floor plate. This type of table leg, however, can look pretty basic with elegant pieces. To amp up the look of your table and complement other elegant furniture, opt for the “wine glass” look. As the name suggests, it looks like the base and stem of a wine glass giving a more fancy style to your table.


The pedestal type base is used more for wood tables, often antique, vintage-looking pieces. It is still usually cylindrical in form, but could also be straight-lined and open. If you want the antique style, go for the wood-turned versions. If you want a sleek, simple style, just keep the design smooth and straight. Some pedestal bases can have carved furniture feet that serve as decoration and for keeping the table stable.


Double table bases are simple and can be freestanding pieces. You can simply rest any type of table top(wooden, metal, glass) and you have a functioning table piece. 


Four-legged table legs are the most common type. They are used in home, office, and commercial settings. Four-legged types can be made from any material from wood to custom metal table legs. It features one leg in each corner to support the top. The usual choice is to have them straight, but they can also be customized to have a slight slant.

For custom metal table legs made of high-end, top quality materials, work with Ferrum for custom metal tables solutions. Send us a message now to get a quote.
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