Questions to Ask Your Metal Fabrication Company

Questions to Ask Your Metal Fabrication Company


It can be tricky to select a metal fabrication company since the competition is very high nowadays. Also, there are a variety of factors to consider before landing in the right partner. Most people base their decision solely on a fabrication company’s ability to provide low cost solution. However, there are other factors to also consider equally, such as quality and experience, among others.

To help you find the right metal fabrication company to work on your project, we have gathered some important questions you need to ask to each potential fabrication partner.

What Are Your Capabilities?

While there are numerous metal fabrication companies out there to choose from, each company specializes in different metal solutions and fabrications. It is therefore important to know what your potential fabrication company specializes in and what materials they commonly use. They should be able to provide you with gallery or showroom of their products to help you evaluate their outputs.

Do You Have Any Design Capabilities?

If you’re looking into getting custom designed products, it is important for you to know whether the metal fabrication company offer design services or not. Not all metal companies offer these services. Some simply offer products on certain designs and formats, so if this is something that you are looking for, make sure to let them know your needs and check whether they have those services.

What Type of Experience Does Your Company Have?

One of the important things you need to know about a metal fabrication company is their level of experience. A fabrication company who has extensive years of experience could help you avoid costly mistakes. You should get to know the types of fabricated products they have done in the past by asking both the fabrication company and previous clients that have dealt with them in the past. A reputable and excellent metal fabrication company will have many references from happy customers to share their experiences.

Ferrum Retail & Trade caters to the whole of Australia. When it comes to providing quality custom metal fabrication, Ferrum Retail & Trade would like to believe that they are an authority. Because they put their 45 years of experience as a metal fabrication solutions supplier to the table, they can definitely guarantee that every product that comes out of their workshop is a testimony in itself of their expertise.

Contact Ferrum Retail & Trade as your custom metal fabrication company!

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