The Custom Metal Fabrication Process

The Custom Metal Fabrication Process

custom metal fabrication


Custom metal fabrication is an intricate process that requires a lot of work and planning. It is best to work together with an experienced metal fabrication company that can be completely trusted with all of your metal fabrication projects for whatever purposes they serve. Custom metal fabrication is basically shaping metal into a finished fabricated project. Here’s a brief summary of what happens during the process:



One of the advantages of choosing an excellent metal fabrication company is having the freedom to come up with practically any design, and your chosen partner will do whatever they can to produce results as close to your design as possible. A good fabrication company will guide you even during the designing process. You will be introduced to the type of metal to be used, the techniques, the possibilities for design, and the quality products most advisable to use based on your type of project. Your chosen metal fabrication company should also be able to utilize technology for producing your design.



The actual fabrication process only starts after you have come up with a final design. Once fabrication starts, the process will be a complicated one. All sorts of machinery and methods will be used to produce your project, so there’s no turning back at this point. Some of the common processes used in fabrication are cutting, folding, welding, punching, and many more. With advanced machinery and technology, this stage is where you will have an idea of how your finished project will look like.



All the fabricated metal parts are ready to be assembled at this stage. If you only have one piece fabricated, it will still have to undergo finishing touches for a high-quality, professional look.


For metal fabrication works in Australia, choose a company with decades of experience fabricating almost every piece of metal you can think of. Ferrum has been working in the industry for almost 70 years and are ready to be the answer to your custom metal fabrication projects.

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