Custom Metal Fabrication: Why Ferrum is the Leader in the Field

Custom Metal Fabrication: Why Ferrum is the Leader in the Field

Custom metal fabrication has been around for years and is used in almost every industry existing, especially in auto, aerospace, and construction. In construction, it is constantly in great demand resulting in more companies offering customisations for building solutions. For metal fabrication works in Australia, Ferrum Retail & Trade is a leading provider. Here’s why:

Outstanding Service

We have an extensive range of services for your metal fabrication needs. Our available selection of building supplies include civil, drainage, concrete, landscape, and miscellaneous products. For every type of service, we have an assortment of supplies made with varied, high-quality materials. These materials will suit any of your building projects for corporate, commercial, and personal use. We want you to have a one-stop-shop for all civil, concrete, drainage needs and custom metal fabrications. Our team of in-house engineers, designers, and builders will help you avail of these services all in one place.

Leader in Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom metal fabrication is a specialty of ours. Our in-house manufacturing is made possible by our custom fabrication arm, Ferrum Engineering & Fabrication. This allows us to provide custom sizing and designs no matter how big or small. We are able to work while showing keen attention to your specified details by working closely with experienced architects and designers. We keep a reputation of giving great care to your building projects thereby creating unique solutions to your building needs.

Trust and Experience

We have been showcasing the highest quality of metal fabrication works in Australia for over 60 years. Our reputable work is the product of complex experience in the industry for years and strong partnerships within our trusted supplier network. This network is comprised of Australian-owned businesses that provide locally made products and resources. On top of these are the long-term relationships we build with all of our customers who continue to trust our products and services.

Ferrum Retail & Trade is ready to provide local ready-made and bespoke building solutions. We will help you tackle every project with our high-calibre, reliable service. Contact us and we’ll discuss a solution to all of your metal fabrication needs.

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