Plastic vs Galvanised Drainage Grates

Plastic vs Galvanised Drainage Grates


Plastics vs Galvanised Drainage grates are often the comparisons we make out of when deciding what we actually want for our custom drainage grates. Of course, with that in mind, we want to make sure that when thinking about driveway channel grates, for instance, we have the quality and its benefits in check.

But even the best metal experts would opt for galvanised drainage grates. That’s because, in comparison with plastic-type material, galvanised drainage grates are far superior in terms of their durability, longevity, and overall quality.

It is in a sense no brainer, that if you want your drainage system to be fully functional while saving money, galvanised drainage grates are the way to go.

However, plastic grates can also serve their purpose. In terms of a micro-level drainage system, plastics can live up to their slight potency.

So to generate an equal understanding between Plastic vs Galvanised Drainage grates, here’s a breakdown of the said two components.



  • It provides a wide array of options. Plastic drains can vary in styles, width, and length. They can range from 20” in widths up to 10 feet in length.
  • It’s lightweight. Because it’s lightweight, it makes the installation process easier. A designated person can at least carry a 10-foot fragment of the drain while other products might prove to be heavy. On the other hand, it also makes shipping conveniently easy compared to other heavy objects that need to be transported via trucks or other heavy-handling cargoes.
  • Smooth installation process. Since they can be prefabricated just like custom galvanised drainage grates, measurements have been made in advance making them adjustable, easy, and quick to install.
  • Lower cost. A plastic trench drain is affordable which speaks its ‘affordable’ quality, no doubt.
  • Doesn’t break (sometimes). When a plastic drain drops on the floor, the impact can be forgiving. It doesn’t break as much as polymer concretes do.


  • Plastic drains aren’t strong enough on severe environmental conditions. During extreme hot and cold weather, the drain tends to separate from the concrete that holds it in place.
  • When the mercury drops too low, plastic drains, sometimes don’t hold out for long. It can shatter when it greets an impact while frozen.
  • It also displays low industrial strength when handling a huge load of applications.
  • Durability is another problem. It’s not as durable compared to galvanised drainage grates.



What’s in it for galvanise drainage gates? Are they really as good as experts claim them to be?

Well, here’s a breakdown of their benefits and why you should truly opt for this type of drainage system.


  • It’s neat. It has an incredibly hygienic factor. Galvanised driveway grates are easy to clean and the wastes that get stuck in pores or ridges can be taken out easily.  It’s also resistant to corrosion and the growth of bacteria and other toxic elements. This makes it better suited for large drainage system projects in a macro-level kind of plans like hospitals, food service facilities, restaurants, and a lot more.
  • Its physical features are on-point. The common drain grates you see often hurts the eye but our company’s galvanised driveway grates in Sydney provide a sleek and modern look to your drain covers. This kind of drain grate is pleasing to the eyes and it also has the versatility to adapt with any designs. So even if you operate on different components, it can blend in without any hitch. Moreover, since it comes in various sizes, you won’t have to worry about it overwhelming the floor because it will look as if it’s part of the design itself!
  • Secure. Galvanised drainage grates are safer when compared to plastic drain grates. Since drains like the former have a lower profile, this makes it safe for people. The chances of them tripping from them is, therefore, slim to none. Not to mention, the slots are thin so you don’t have to worry about heels or walking aides getting stuck and causing injury. It’s also durable and stronger compared to materials made of plastic. It can hold pressure and huge weight without breaking and resulting to hazard.  
  • Firm and strong. So like I said, it’s firm and stronger in contrast with other choices. You can rely on how it can resist greater impact which makes it capable of handling heavy loads. In short, you don’t have to worry about it breaking from pressure. Aside from weight, it’s also resistant to severe temperatures and corrosion.
  • Budget-friendly. In the long run, you can thereby save money with galvanised drainage grates. It won’t break easily with its material so you don’t have to replace them as often as needed, saving you from splurging dollars.


Words to Ponder…

No matter how you look at it, galvanised drains are a better choice. It’s cleaner, pleasing to look at, ergonomically safe, stronger, durable, and it saves you from spending so many dollars over time when compared to plastic drains.

While the initial cost of plastic drain grates is lower, this is still a temporal ability. The galvanised ones are long-term. 

In terms of durability and long life, galvanised drain grates are superior. They are tailored to fit various applications compared to plastic-made materials. The life of plastic grates, indeed, is a lot less.

Such plastic drains aren’t convenient after all. Due to extreme weather or heavy wheels running over them, the drains will bend until they change form and get distorted.

Meanwhile galvanised drains have different designs. Hence, they can suit your driveway gates without any reservation.


Galvanised Drainage Grates at Ferrum

Here at Ferrum, we provide durable, long-lasting, aesthetic-looking, and corrosion-resistant custom galvanised drainage grates in Sydney, at a lower cost.

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