Custom Fire Pit Design and Installation: A Guide

Custom Fire Pit Design and Installation: A Guide

Custom made fire pits in the backyard are one of the most traditional landscaping designs that you can find in every common household. If you want to spend more time outside of your house and bond with your wife, children and even the entire family, then it is best to make sure that everyone is warm whatever the season may be. Or if you want to add style to your backyard when you host your guests for your next party, then keeping the fun atmosphere despite the cold is must. And what better way to make these things happen is through a custom outdoor fireplace. Custom outdoor fire pits are the new trend when it comes to livening up the design and style of your backyard. Having custom built outdoor fireplaces in your backyard is not just perfect for aesthetic purposes, they are also a great party conversation starter, making sure that your guests are having fun and are entertained all the time.

Working with a professional when it comes to setting up your outdoor fireplace in Australia is highly recommended as they can offer the best value for your money and can provide the maximum sense of enjoyment. Here at Ferrum, we provide the best services when it comes to custom made fire pits in Australia. Ferrum has been the leading fire pit builders here in Australia, with the right skills and equipment to provide high-quality custom outdoor fireplace at an affordable price. We at Ferrum make sure that you get your money’s worth when you invest in our skills as the best fire pit builders here in Australia. Ferrum’s custom outdoor fire pits also come with a fire pit ember screen, making sure that your family and friends are safe on your next bonding moment. So what are you waiting for, get in touch with us now to setup your very own custom built outdoor fireplace.

But before anything else, safety should be the first concern when you are planning to setup a custom outdoor fireplace. With that in mind, here are some tips and know-how guides when you want to have your very own custom made fire pits at your backyards. Let us get started!


Know Your Local Fire Codes

When it comes to setting up your own custom outdoor fire pits at your backyards, safety should be the main priority. Depending on where you are located, you should first determine and check the local fire codes enforced in your area to avoid any complaints from your neighbors and to avoid any future unfortunate events. There are several factors considered by your local fire codes to ensure that everyone is safe and to avoid any violations that can cause problems. Here are some of the local fire codes that need to be considered when you want to setup a custom built outdoor fireplace in your own backyard:

  1. You should consider that your custom outdoor fire pits are not in a place where the smoke can disrupt or harm your neighbors. Setting up your custom outdoor fire pit where the smoke disturbs your neighbors is a violation of the local fire codes and can be a cause of a legal action.
  2. The second thing that needs to be considered is how close or far away the fire pit is to the closest residential and commercial structures or to vegetation areas. The distance from your fire pit to these structures and areas are necessary to avoid any complications such as unexpected residential, commercial and forest fires. If you are near these structures or areas, employing a fire pit ember screen on your outdoor fire pits might be a good thing to consider as they provide protection from said disasters.
  3. The next thing that needs to be considered for your outdoor fire pits is the type of fuel you are going to use to light them up. Whether you want to use gas or wood, it is important all the local safety protocols in place for your and your neighbors’ safety.

With those factors in mind, let us make sure that we mind everyone’s safety when setting up our outdoor fire pits. Ferrum offers the best Australian made fire pits available in the market. We at Ferrum ensure that our products also follow the local fire codes set in your area.

Metal vs. Brick vs. Stone

Much like anything else, there are several ways on how you can build your own custom outdoor fireplace. Some have opted out to use bricks or stones when they wanted to build an outdoor fireplace. Whereas using bricks or stones has some certain benefits, these materials offer a more permanent structure that is especially inconvenient when you are constantly changing the design of your own backyard. When you have decided to get rid of the fire pit in the future, removing a brick or stone fire pit is a hassle. And even though stone or brick fire pits offer an aesthetic appeal, using these materials can be costly and even difficult to install. Unique designs are also difficult to implement when using bricks as a medium to build your own fire pit. In addition, bricks cannot also be sealed for stain resistance and requires more maintenance. On the other hand, using stones can be so expensive, more difficult to repair and requires more labour and expensive installation.

And this is where Ferrum comes in. We at Ferrum provide custom outdoor fire pits made with metal. Our Australian made fire pits are highly customisable to suit all your personalisation needs. One of the benefits of having a custom outdoor fireplace made of metal or cast iron is that it is highly moveable. Because these fire pits are not installed, they can be easily hidden when you do not need them and can be easily taken out when you want to host a party or when you want to read a book outside. They are also very sturdy and durable and are very low maintenance. Ferrum’s Australian-made fire pits are perfect for any occasion and are available at an affordable price.


Custom-outdoor fire pits from Ferrum are available in many different sizes to cater all your needs. We give you 100% freedom in designing your vision for a perfect outdoor fire pit. Deciding what size your fire pit depends on a number of factors. When you want to have a more intimate gathering space, then investing into a smaller fire pit is the way to go. Or if you want to entertain large groups, then opting for a bigger backyard fire pit might be a good choice. Another factor that needs to be considered is the size of your backyard. When you have a relatively small backyard area, then going for a relatively small fire pit is the logical choice.

Usage and Add-On Features

Backyard fire pits can be used all throughout the year. They are perfect for reading a book during the night or for small family gatherings. With Ferrum, you can become a designer of your very own backyard fire pit. You can also add any customisation that you want, such as a cooking grill for burgers and meat or a fire pit ember screen to keep your surroundings safe from the fire.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your backyard fireplace regularly ensures that it functions safely and efficiently. If not maintained properly, fire pits can become a potential source of fire hazard in your house and even your surroundings. With that in mind, here are some tips that you need to bear in mind to keep your custom fireplace efficient for a long time and to ensure everyone’s safety from potential hazards:

  1. Regularly clean your custom outdoor fire pit from the ashes once the fire is completely extinguished.
  2. Regularly check your fireplace for rust. When your fireplace has rust, you can pour white vinegar evenly on the surface and give it time to settle.
  3. Invest in fire pit ember screens for safety and to avoid charring.
  4. Spray your fire pit with a hose and wipe with a water and soap solution.

Now that we have shown you the benefits of having your own custom fire pit installed on your backyard, give us a call or leave us a message so that we can get started on creating your very own custom outdoor fireplace.


Are you looking for a fire pit that can give your outdoor backyard classic rustic feel, but none of the pre-made models work for your space or fit your taste? Ferrum have custom made fire pits. Whether you are looking for a custom cast iron fire pit or any kind and style of fire pit partnering up with Ferrum’s fire pit builders is a great decision. But before that let us look at the things we need to consider before buying custom made fire pits.




Check with your city's building codes and municipal authorities before buying custom made fire pits to see if wood usage is restricted or outdoor fire pits are prohibited. Firepit placement is frequently constrained by safety regulations, such as a 10-foot radius around buildings and fences. Some counties may require that your proposed location be evaluated for fire safety by local fire officials. If your country has fuel restrictions due to environmental concerns, opt for smoke-free models powered by propane or natural gas instead.


Making sure that your custom made fire pits are situated or built on level ground is essential. Make sure that it is not blocking any existing structures. When using a wood-burning fire pit, a metal screen is required to keep sparks and ash under control. Keep in mind to keep it away from frequently used sidewalks and paths and away from overhanging trees or bushes to avoid becoming a nuisance.


It is very crucial to coordinate the design of your custom made fire pits with the surroundings and the surrounding architecture. You can't just put a fire pit wherever. The place must be carefully selected. To avoid accidents, keep it away from anything that could catch fire. To avoid flame spread, the fire pit should be situated in a wide open space far from structures, vegetation, and other combustible materials. The direction of the wind must also be taken into consideration. A custom fire pit is best placed close to outdoor living spaces like patios, pools, and outdoor kitchens where people spend the majority of the year.


Setting a budget for the project is the first step in any home improvement project, including installing custom made fire pits. The cost will change based on a number of variables. The materials used to build the fire pit, such as brick, stone, or a high-end stone like granite, will affect the cost. Firepit bowls and pre-assembled kits will be an additional cost. Wood-powered kits are significantly less expensive than gas-powered models.


The sizes of the custom made fire pits range from small portable to enormous built-in. Pick a size and style that works with your finances and location. Built-in units can range from 36 to 58 inches in height and width. Models can be high up or close to the ground thanks to adjustable heights. Select a model that is either slightly shorter than a standard seat height or is the same height as one (see chart below) (typically 18 inches). The amount of heat radiated also depends on how far the seats are from the fire pit. A range of styles and designs are available for custom made fire pits. The choice of a site and size is followed by the consideration of function. To enjoy s'mores and other casual gatherings, you need a fire pit that is recessed into the ground. Ask you fire pit builders to guide with the design of your dream fire pit.


Copper, stainless steel, tile, stone, and other materials are acceptable for choices for your custom made fire pits. Stone is a substantial stone that works well for permanent fire pits. Although more expensive, stainless steel is more rust-resistant, weather-resistant, and easy to clean. The fact that tiles are fire-resistant makes them excellent for décor as well. Fire pits made of copper are also gorgeous. Because they are powder-coated, they are secure and attractive in your yard.

Wood, natural gas, propane, or gel are all acceptable sources of fuel for a fire pit. People who like the smell of nature often choose wood as their material of choice. On the other hand, if you decide to use wood, be sure you have enough fuel on hand. Additionally, wood-burning fire pits are less expensive than other fuels like charcoal or propane gas.


When buying custom made fire pits, another thing to think about is whether you like the portability of a portable model or whether you would rather invest in a fire pit that will be permanently placed in your backyard. Due to their portability and minimal weight, portable fire pits are a great option for tenants who want to light up different regions of the garden.

I hope the information above will be useful to you when you are thinking of buying custom made fire pits. After buying your dream custom made fire pits, keep in mind that maintenance is crucial, you should handle your fire pit well for fire pits will last a long time with proper and skilled care, safety should always be a priority while using a fire pit, you shouldn’t leave a fire unattended, and keep a pail of sand, water, or an extinguisher close by in case there is a fire for your own protection.


We take great pleasure in producing premium fire pits that are handcrafted in Australia. Therefore, if you want us to help you design and construct the bespoke outdoor fire pits of your dreams, call us at 0414999646.

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