Cast Iron VS. Steel Table Bases

Cast Iron VS. Steel Table Bases

Tables are an essential part of everyone's home. In fact, a house will not be a home without a table. It is where most families could be gathered. Precious moments are shared and made by families around tables. For others, it could be a table in a coffee shop, a restaurant, or in an office. Wherever it is, human relations are centered largely on tables. If you come to think about it, modern-day living is spent largely in front of them.
Our culture also dictates that we spend a considerable amount of our time on tables, from the earliest time that tables were created. Modern tables are not just around for functionality but largely also for style and fashion. Tables add beauty and aesthetics. It improves the overall mood and atmosphere of your home.

Why Use Custom-Made Table Bases

One cannot have a perfect table unless the tabletop matches with their bases. The base of the table provides the table with firmness and stability and should never be overlooked.
Having custom made table bases ensures that your tabletop has perfect support. It also gives you the freedom to design and be creative on your tables.
A fun and artistic way to spice up your home is to have a custom-built table and custom made table base. There is also a sense of pride and satisfaction in getting your personal designs on your decorations and furniture. The personal touch, as they say.
Not just for indoors, outdoor tables are also convenient for decoration and relaxation. A garden with custom metal coffee tables is a perfect place to have your coffee early in the morning.
There are many companies out there who can give you good quality standard products. The thing is, you will have to have the same face as the rest of the world. Nowadays, we have various steel table legs manufacturers that offer custom metal table legs for various table products.


If you own and operate a restaurant or just enthusiastic homeowner who loves to host parties and events, you are aware of how crucial a great dining experience is for your people. Delivering a great dining experience doesn’t just revolve around having amazing food. It also covers the interior lighting, the atmosphere, the dining tables, and other elements. They all significantly influence whether a consumer chooses to dine with you again or your mates would want you to host another party again or would want to go to your parties again. Today we’re going to focus on why it’s important to have custom table bases, may it be cast iron or steel bases.



For many years, cast iron has been a popular cooking option in cafés and restaurants. We examine the various advantages of custom table bases made of cast iron and why you might want to think about utilizing them in your venue.


Iron Is A Sustainable Material

There is less waste produced because many café and restaurant operators choose cast iron for their custom made table bases for many years due to their longevity. Your cast iron bases can be recycled and melted down to create new goods when the time comes to get rid of them.


Customizable with Ease

It's helpful to know that you may quickly alter their appearance to fit your décor or theme because they stay so long. Changing a tabletop to one of our custom made table bases is the simplest way to alter a cast iron table foundation. These are available in a vast array of forms, dimensions, and designs, including timber finishes and imitations of real materials like marble, granite, and cement. To make it stand out and blend in with your present color scheme, you could always paint the cast iron custom table bases a different color.


Cast Iron Is Durable and Simple to Maintain.

Custom made table bases made of cast iron can last for generations. Because of their durability, they are a great option for cafés and restaurants where they can survive strong foot traffic and be moved around to accommodate different events and customer needs. They're an excellent option for outdoor use as well because of their weight, which keeps them from being blown over by strong winds. Cast iron can be easily maintained and cleaned. Actually, you should only need to use a moist towel to clean them off to eliminate any dust or grime.



Custom made table bases that are made of cast iron are elegant and gorgeous. Cast iron table bases are classic and go with every table style, whether it be conventional, farmhouse, industrial, modern, or anything in between, despite having a more rustic or industrial vibe.



Cast iron also offers strong anti-vibration (or dampening) qualities and up to five times the compression strength of steel. Contrary to other solid surfaces like stainless steel, cast iron won't break or dent. No matter where you reside, the bases and legs of our tables will hold up well during earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.



        For this part we’re going to discuss the advantages of having custom made table bases made of steel and why it’s a great idea to use this in your business.


Custom made table bases made of steel, as you would have imagined is very durable. It follows that they are capable of being fairly robust. Today, steel may be among the strongest materials. Therefore, utilizing its strength and durability can be a fantastic method to increase the usability and durability of your table.


Cost Effective

If you are utilizing a table that is constructed of high-quality materials and is intended to last, you may expect to save a significant amount of money in the long run. If you're not attentive, maintenance and repair costs might become pretty expensive. As it is, you should be sure to use tables that can put durability front and center. The higher the quality of your tables, the more realistic things will be for you.



Custom made table bases made of steel can be utilized for a variety of various jobs and purposes due to its sturdiness and attractiveness. Steel tables can be used in a variety of work settings, including modern businesses, offices, labs, and in some circumstances, residences. Additional features, such as adjustable tables, can also be included. Finding the precise tables with the desired designs and "impact" is the key in this situation.


Fits the Modern Aesthetic

Although steel may be used in practically any home design concept, due of its formal and professional appearance, it is most frequently used in formal and professional enterprises. No matter where the furniture is presented, it conveys the sense that the owner has exceptional taste in the things they chose. But that does not necessarily mean it will only work with elegant ideas. Custom made table bases made of steel can still enhance your room if you are aiming for straightforward aesthetics like minimalism.


Versatility and Adaptability

Steels' capacity to be bent and molded into many forms and sizes demonstrates its flexibility and adaptability. This enhances the many characteristics that set steel apart from other materials. How a substance that is significantly heavier, tougher, and stronger can be bent and carved in different patterns is rather perplexing. For the purpose of creating the shapes and sizes of the furniture, steel is melted. However, the more intricate the shape or figure, the longer the processing time will be needed because melting can take days to complete. The steel utilized might not be suitable for manufacturing if it is not done properly.

Advantages of Custom Made Table Bases

Custom made table bases can bring in a lot of beauty and style. Having them carry your own designs brings in a lot of originality and uniqueness. Your personality and style will be built into it. The story behind it could also well be a good conversation starter or testimony. It is something that can be very fulfilling and satisfying.
Having custom table bases gives you the flexibility to adjust measurements and designs exactly to your needs for a perfect fit. It is perfect for places and spaces that have special or unique features and angles. Homes for instance that have bay windows, fireplaces, cornices, and attics can benefit well from custom table bases or frames. Custom table bases are also ideal for DIY and container homes which are getting popular in both Australia and New Zealand.
All authority is in your hands with custom made products. When you choose to have your table bases custom made with Ferrum for instance, you have all the authority to choose materials. You can choose the materials that best suit your needs and preferences. You don't need to settle with materials that you don't like or have doubts about. Someone in the family may have a serious health condition that needs to be considered when selecting a manufacturing material or chemical. Through custom made, all these items can be accounted for. Also, you don't have to settle for what is conventional. You can innovate as much to your heart's content.
For example, as an outdoor accessory, you design a table for your garden, custom made table bases are excellent because you can choose materials that can withstand the type of weather your garden has. You can have a style that would suit your garden theme best, too.
If you are worried about your personal environmental impact, you can go green with your furniture. You can design your furniture's including your table bases to be eco-friendly. Custom designers and manufacturers such as Ferrum give customers a wide variety of safe, high quality, sustainable materials.
Getting custom made furniture can not only guarantee exquisite craftsmanship, durability, and uniqueness. It also guarantees longevity and cost-effectivity. You can save yourself from the trouble and cost of expensive repairs and maintenance or buying new. All these while having the confidence that everything can be passed on to future generations and treasured, too.
Custom-built table bases prove to be very flexible in whatever environment or situation we look at, whether indoors or outdoors. In terms of consistency, uniqueness, longevity, and feature, it is always on top.
Let us look into two of the widely used material for custom metal legs.

Custom Iron Table Bases

Cast iron is probably one of the oldest materials used for custom made. It was first used and believed to have been invented by the Chinese in the 5th century BC. They were molded to make plowshares, pots, and other tools, mainly for farming. Iron was also cast to make weapons during this time.
Modern use of cast iron transcends beyond farming tools and weaponry. Today, cast iron is used in various ways and forms. It's a popular structural and decorative material.
Cast iron is composed of 2–4% carbon and other alloys and contains 1–3% of silicon. According to experts, excellent castability is achieved with this amount of carbon and silicon. The heating and cooling process of cast iron can also vary depending on the kind of result you may want.
With high carbon and silicon composition, cast-iron makes it an excellent outdoor material. It is extremely durable and abrasion and indentation resistant.
Though it is heavy it can be cast into various shapes, sizes, and designs because of its high malleability. The casted iron gives a beautiful rustic surface and color.


Here are a few of the benefits of having custom iron table bases.
- Table bases made from cast iron are very stable. It is heavy-duty and can support heavier tops like wood, granite, and marble. It can withstand heavy foot traffic when used in a heavily populated area. It's great for cafes and restaurants.
- Wonderful aesthetics and allows for great creativity. Cast Iron can be shaped in various ways, especially, it allows you to have ornate designs with a natural rustic look. You can have all the liberty for designs. It is great for outdoors but also excellent for indoor use where you tend to have a semi-permanent placement like the dining.
- It is one of the cheapest materials that you could use with excellent results. Using cast iron for your custom table bases can save you a lot of money and because it can virtually last forever, it is an excellent investment.
- It is quite easy to maintain. All you need is a piece of damp cloth and it has done. If you would like it to have a little bit of a sparkling shine, you can have soap and water. Once it's completely dry, finish it off with a little oil. Tire black works wonders.
If there are blemishes that are hard to remove with soap and water, you can sand off the area before scrubbing it with a soap solution. Dry it thoroughly after washing. For extra added protection since it is still iron and can rust, you can apply wax periodically.

Custom Steel Table Bases

An alloy of carbon, iron, and other metal and non-metal components, steel is another type of iron with a much lower carbon content than cast iron. Its smooth and glossy appearance makes it look sophisticated than other metals.
Technically it is still an iron, but it comes with many different variations as it has been crafted by scientists for specific performance. That means to say, steel table legs manufacturers can custom steel table frame or custom steel table legs with much more accuracy.
So, if you want precision and an extra shine for your custom table bases, steel is the material of choice.


Steel has excellent weldability which means that craftsmen can create wonderful and more sophisticated designs from them. Custom table bases can have a more non-conventional design and artform, too.
Another important characteristic is that it has excellent workability. That means you can bend, twist, and fold the materials without breaking until you achieve your desired outcome. It gives you a lot of room for innovation and creativity. To craft your custom steel table legs you might just need a small sheet of steel to do the job.
Also, if you are going to have to cut or remove material for your design then the machineability property of steel also works great for you.


- Custom steel table legs or bases are durable and lightweight. Unlike cast iron wherein you have a solid and heavy base, custom steel table legs can be made from steel sheets bent and folded to have a hollow tube of equal strength. If periodically you require a lot of moving, then custom steel bases work great for you.
- It is an excellent indoor material. Steels natural glossy look makes it extremely stylish and elegant as it is. Having a custom steel table frame in your dining or living room can change your home atmosphere. Food establishments like restaurants, cafes, and bars can capitalize on their aesthetics as well as their functionality. A custom metal coffee table, for example, is made from steel, can improve the overall vibe of the coffee shop. Making the shop look more elegant and sophisticated. 
- Eco-friendly. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you can have 100% recycled custom steel table legs. Steel table legs manufacturers do have the pressure to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable and with steel that is achievable.
- Steel made custom metal legs are flexible and versatile. It looks and works great in different settings and functions, be it formal, casual, or whatever function you may have.
- High corrosion resistance means longer life and fewer expenses. Steel also has a smooth surface that decreases the scratching of the legs of the chair when they come into contact with the other materials, increases the adhesion of the paint if other colors are needed, and makes it easy to clean up.

How to Take Care

Steel, especially stainless steel, is resistant to stain and discoloration but if not properly maintained and cleaned, will. Cleaning steel is more delicate than cast iron, so here are some ways to thoroughly clean steel.
You can follow this simple routine for the cleaning and maintenance process.
- First, you need to rinse it with clean water to remove large dirt and particles.
- Then, using a soft nylon brush, remove the accumulated dirt. If the grain is visible, follow its direction. Do not use steel wool, steel brushes, or other steel-containing cleaning materials as they can cause rust.
- Wash only with mild soap or detergent. Acidic solutions and abrasive cleaners should be avoided as it can corrode your steel.
- Rinse thoroughly with water.
- The last step would be to wipe it dry with a soft cloth, disposable wipe, or use an air blower. After this step, you may want to use a cleaner and polish for a sparkling shine.
Cast iron and steel for custom table bases and legs are also outstanding materials. Knowing the goal of its use will be to decide which one fits better for you.
With its highly qualified and professional craftsmen, custom metal and steel manufacturers such as Ferrum will work with you to fulfill your needs.
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