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The Benefits of Having Custom Built Outdoor Fireplaces at Home

Outdoor fire features, such as bespoke fire pits, have become increasingly popular with homeowners. Custom built outdoor fireplaces broaden entertainment options and enable you to continue to use them even after the summer months have passed.

Custom built outdoor fireplaces are a great focal point in any landscaping design because they can draw attention immediately. Not only do outdoor fireplaces make attractive additions to any location, but they also give actual value and functionality to the area in which they are installed. Now to give further highlight on why you should consider buying custom made outdoor fireplaces, here are the following benefits of an outdoor fire feature for you, your family, and your home:

Benefit #1: Perfect for Get-togethers

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace provides a perfect gathering space for people to meet and converse, making it an excellent choice for hosting parties or entertaining friends and family. Because it is a location that people tend to draw towards, it promotes people to congregate in a specific location. This can result in less effort for you when it comes to entertaining visitors, as everyone will be outside rather than indoors, which will save you time.

Benefit #2: Adds Value to Your Home

It is possible to increase the value of your home by adding custom built outdoor fireplaces. It is a fantastic approach to increase the size of your living space. An outdoor fireplace is the second most popular feature for outdoor living spaces after a patio or deck. Because outdoor fireplaces are so popular, the return on your investment in installing one is extremely high.

The most profitable home improvement project, in general, is the installation of a fireplace, and the same can be said for outdoor fireplace installations. It also distinguishes your home from the other homes in your community, while simultaneously providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing element.

Benefit #3: Extends Patio Season

With a fireplace, you can spend more time in the great outdoors. Because of the warmth and comfort provided by an outdoor fireplace, you may enjoy your outside space earlier in the spring and longer into the fall months. By installing bespoke fire pits, you may extend the number of days that can be spent outside. Aside from that, outdoor fires allow you to enjoy your patio longer into the evening, even during the hottest months of the year. The warmth provided will keep you comfortably warm, and the gorgeous orange glow will bring plenty of light into your space, allowing you to enjoy your patio well into the evening hours.

Benefit #4: Cooking Food

A delightful dessert can be made with the help of the flames from an outdoor fire pit or outdoor fireplace. For example, it's ideal for toasting marshmallows and making s'mores, as well as for roasting hot dogs with the kids in the backyard. Including cooking as an activity in your outdoor space makes it even more enjoyable and functional.

Benefit #5: Warmth

There is no difference in the types of custom made outdoor fireplaces you can install because they all provide warmth and comfort, allowing people to connect and unwind. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits provide warmth on a chilly evening, allowing you to enjoy being outside even when the temperature is rather low due to the warmth provided by the fire. An outdoor fire also provides an unparalleled sense of coziness, which is one of the primary reasons why realtors commonly state that, aside from a pool, an outdoor fire is the most sought-after feature for outdoor living spaces.

Benefit #6: Simple Installation

One advantage of outdoor fireplaces over indoor fireplaces is that they do not require any venting, whereas inside fireplaces do. Because outdoor fireplaces do not require venting, they may be installed and placed in more locations with greater flexibility, resulting in lower construction costs overall. When installing a fireplace outside, it is critical to ensure that there is sufficient airflow to dissipate the gases from the fire.

Custom Built Outdoor Fireplaces vs. Buying Prefab Fireplaces

Fire pits Sydney are available in a variety of forms and sizes, but you may also have custom built outdoor fireplaces that are suited to your specific requirements. Pre-made pits are essentially just a bowl in which you may build your fire, however, when it comes to custom made outdoor fireplaces, having one gives you the freedom to have a pit in the exact design and style that you desire.

Before having one, consider the appearance you want to achieve, the purpose, as well as the demands and expectations of your family. Be sure you are aware of the applicable codes and limits in your community. When you have your bespoke fire pits created in accordance with your outdoor fire space, you may be required to adhere to certain guidelines so take note of the limitations, if there are. 

Considerations Before Building an Outdoor Fireplace

Custom made outdoor fireplaces are gaining popularity as they extend the outdoor season and provide a great spot to connect with family. But, before you have custom built outdoor fireplaces in your backyard, consider these:


Consider whether you need a fireplace for family time, entertaining guests, or just for aesthetic purposes. Outdoor fireplaces are wonderful for modest or elaborate gatherings.

Home Design

Your home's design influences the finest fireplace for you. Choose a fireplace that matches your home's style.  The good thing about a new outdoor fireplace is that it can be customized.


Some individuals think custom made outdoor fireplaces are beyond their budget but building them is not too pricey. You can have a fireplace in any size or shape. You may also buy designer and custom bricks. The options are endless, and depending on your choices, your fireplace can fit inside your budget. Inquiring and getting a quote would be great. By doing this you'll obtain a high-quality fireplace within your budget.


Safety is another factor that you shouldn't overlook. Consider first if an outdoor fireplace poses any risks to your family, especially your kids.

Contact Ferrum Today!

With Ferrum's custom built outdoor fireplaces, the choices are virtually endless! If you have any questions or would like more information about custom made outdoor fireplaces contact us at 0414999646.

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