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Popular Metals in Home Décor

Decorative metal designs are perfect for modern and elegant interiors. If your goal for this year is to redesign your interior for more appeal, then using metal might be the key to making it happen.

There are many things metal can do to make a certain impression in your home. It can be moulded to different shapes, and it can be used for many different furniture. So if you're curious about the many popular metals you can use in your home decor, you're on the right page.

In this article, we'll tackle why it's important to use metals in your home decor. We'll dive deeper into the different types of metals you can use, and we'll also delve into how to use custom metal fabrication for your home decor.

So, let's get started.

Why use metals in your home decor?

If you're looking for signs on buying new metal furniture or getting them made through custom metal fabrication - this is it. Metals are such versatile and bold ingredients to the perfect home decor and furniture. Below, you can read a couple of reasons why it's time for you to use metals in your home decor.

Metals adapt well to your home

Through custom metal fabrication, metal can be moulded to just about any shape. All it takes is a little bit of your creativity and imagination to the types of interior design you're envisioning for these metals. But, they're just aesthetically pleasing, that they're sure to brighten up any boring and uninspired living space.

Metals are long-lasting

For obvious reasons, metals are meant to last. In fact, with professional custom metal fabrication, your metal decor can last for more than 40 years. Unlike wood, ant and termites can't penetrate these elegant metal home decors. And professional fabricating companies often add a protective coating to further preserve the metal.

Metals are hygienic

Ever wonder why surgery rooms are so full of metal? Even kitchens, too! That's because metals are hygienic and safe. They're easy to sanitize. They're easy to clean. They're cost-effective and easy to maintain.

That's why if you're aiming for a sanitized, easy to clean, and easy to maintain home decors, metals should be the first on your list.

Metals are recyclable

If you're aiming to use less plastic and other non-reusable materials, then metals might be your best candidate. This versatile material is fully recyclable without losing its durability and wonderful appeal.

Different metals you can use for home decor

Here are the different metals you can use for your furniture and home decors.

Polished brass

Polished brass is a metal that has nickel plating and is often used as an accent in home décor.

One of brass' biggest advantages is its customizability. Not only is it available in different colours, but custom metal fabrication also lets you custom make brass for any shape and size.

The metal can be custom made for various purposes, including furniture. It is often custom-made for tables, chairs, curtain rods, handles that are not in frequent contact with water or other corrosive substances, light switch plates and other fixtures in bathrooms - although it does have a tendency to tarnish over time.

Bright copper

Copper is a red-coloured metal that's often used for custom exterior and custom interior home décor. The colour of copper can change based on how it's mixed with other metals. It is also very durable and strong metal, making it perfect for custom furniture or custom metal fabrication in general.

Copper has some disadvantages as well, however. It's especially susceptible to corrosion if not properly maintained over time. It also quickly breaks down if it's exposed to water for extended periods of time.

Shimmering aluminium

Aluminium is a metal that's most often found in custom exterior and custom interior home decor. It can either be polished for a sleek appearance or it can be left raw for a rustic style.

Aluminium is strong and durable, making it perfect for custom furniture. It has many colours to choose from at custom metal fabrication companies

However, some homes might experience an acidic reaction due to the alloy, although this rarely happens with polish coatings.

Long-lasting steel

Steel is strong and durable, which makes it perfect for rustic designs. It's also perfect for furniture requiring strength like tables and chairs. While it's versatile, its best feature is its durability.

One downside of using steel is that it does need some care in order not to become rusty. But a custom fabrication company can reverse this by applying a custom-designed paint or protective coating that's specially made to prevent corrosion.

The famous iron

Iron is strong enough to support heavy weight and pressure. It also has a high melting point, which makes it perfect for custom or raw design custom metal fabrication.

However, iron is prone to rust if not properly cared for, so you'll need to periodically clean or polish your iron furniture and decors. But, like steel, professional fabricators can add a protective coating to prevent it from rusting.



A wide range of items, including cabinets, home decors, fire pits, racks, storage units, and trophies, are constructed from various raw materials with the help of custom metal fabrication. Combinations of techniques including cutting, bending, and assembly are used in the procedure. Key considerations are offered for the material to be chosen based on your criteria and the quality needed for the finished product. Raw materials including molten metal, concrete, epoxies, and clay are utilized in the casting process, which involves pouring liquid metal into the mold to create the required shape.


The intricacy of custom metal fabrication techniques varies depending on the end product's required characteristics and the make-up of the raw materials. Strength, conductivity, hardness, and corrosion resistance are all frequently desired qualities. These metals can be utilized in a wide range of goods, from appliances and toys to bigger constructions like furnaces, ductwork, and heavy machinery, using various cutting, bending, and welding procedures. The following are some of the typical materials used in the casting process of making custom metal fabrication:



Chemically speaking, iron is the most prevalent element on earth in terms of mass. It is plentiful and necessary for the creation of steel.



Iron and carbon make up steel. The amount of carbon used in an alloy, which is the primary alloying component, affects the steel's hardness and tensile strength. Steel is used in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and weapons for it is so easy to manipulate. That’s why almost manufacturers use them often for your custom metal legs or metal table frame. Among the varieties are:

Carbon steel is the most often used material for metal manufacturing because it has a wide range of adaptable choices. This grade of steel has a lower melting point because it contains more carbon. Additionally, it is more malleable and robust. It is mostly used for its durability and strength. It comes in a variety of sizes and can survive extreme weather.

Stainless steel is utilized in a variety of applications, including surgical equipment, appliances, and cabinet fittings. This steel has a high proportion of chromium, aluminum, and carbon steel, which makes it a very corrosion-resistant metal. Its distinctive silver mirror coating aids in preserving its luster. Steel's Applications in a Custom Metal Fabrication. Construction can employ steel since it is less expensive and preserves structural integrity. It becomes heat resistant and rustproof when mixed with other substances like tungsten or chromium. It can be treated more than once without losing its tensile strength or durability.



Copper is a perfect electrical conductor. It is valuable in marine and industrial environments because it is strong, ductile, malleable, and corrosion-resistant in a variety of atmospheres.



Since roughly 3500 BC, bronze, a copper alloy, has been used for many purposes. It has a low melting point, is heavier than steel, and is stronger than copper. Turbines, cookware, swords, armor, and coinage have all been made of bronze.



Copper and zinc come together to form brass. It is frequently used for many things, including clock parts, door knobs, furniture trim, pipe fittings, nuts, bolts, and more. It is the perfect alloy for casting musical instruments because of its acoustic qualities.



Aluminum has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, is lightweight, strong, and adaptable. Aluminum is the perfect material for low-temperature applications like refrigeration and aviation because it performs poorly at temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit but very well below zero.



The lightest structural metal is magnesium. Due to its low density, it is the best material to use when stiffness is needed but strength is not as crucial. Magnesium is utilized in the construction of vehicle parts, aircraft housings, and components of quickly spinning equipment.


Raw Materials Used for Metal Fabrication:

Hardware like handles, locks, and latches are utilized to bolster objects and improve their functionality. Building a prototype can help you get the desired outcome and shorten the time needed for metal production for bigger numbers of components. Basic components included in the procedure include:


Flat Metals

The thickness of this type of metal, which is crushed into flat pieces might vary, they.are split into three categories according to thickness:

Foil metal- thinnest type of flat metal

Sheet metal- thickness is less than 6mm

Plate metal- thickness is more than 0.25 in


Sectional Metals

Steel is the main component of sectional metals, which are employed in engineering and construction projects. Some of the varieties are:


I-beam- a cross-sectional beam that looks like the shape of the letter “I”

Z-shape- a metal with shape of the letter “Z”

Hollow structural section (HSS)- a hollow piping that is available in square, rectangular and elliptical shapes

Rod- a metal that is circular or square

Bar- it consists of a flat piece of rectangular cross-sectioned metal

Making your home decor with custom metal fabrication

Custom metal fabrication is a versatile service that's perfect for any type of home decor. It can be used to create furniture, exterior or interior furnishings and accents such as light switches, curtain rods and handles.  Some of the furniture are custom metal tables, chairs, racks, glass racks, range hoods, and fire pits. You're only limited by your imagination!

Need new metal decors with custom metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication Australia is a booming trend today. That is because metals offer a new kind of charm to the overall appeal of your interior. Metal is a flexible material you can mould into anything, and custom fabrication can make your interior design goals come true.

For your custom metal fabrication needs, visit our store for more information or send us a message today.

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