Custom Drain Grates

Important Considerations when Purchasing Custom Drain Grates

Just like the daily items we use, when we buy something we need to consider whether it is needed, important or useful. Customized or not, we have to take into account why are we buying them. Custom drain grates are not excused to those things. It may seem like a harmless drainage around the house or garage but they are also divers and comes in different materials. You need to make sure where you want to put your custom drain grates so that they are used to their full potential. Keep reading and we will tell you all about it!



As most drain grates are for roads or pathways, it is paramount that grates would need to be able to be load-bearing. There are quite a few different load class standards, but the most common standards many drain grate manufacturers are galvanised drainage grates as they are more rust proof because they are more exposed to sudden temperature change, water, dirt and constant pressure.


While there are some standard drain width sizes, not all drainage widths are the same. For one, some manufacturers produce grates with unique sizing. Many drainage and grate manufacturers usually would have their grates fit only to their specific drain channels. While it’s useful if you are using the channels and grates of the same manufacturer, knowing it will fit. It also means that those grates would not work on drains bought elsewhere or custom sized ones.


Grates that are placed mustn’t be disrupted, especially in areas of traffic. Grates that don’t sit properly when horizontal can be very dangerous when cars and pedestrians go over them. You’ll want to ensure that grates stay in position with braking, accelerating, and turning traffic. Ensuring the security of grates will maintain the safety of the public while still allowing for water runoff to find its way to collection.


Also known as trench drains or linear drains are based on gravity. Accordingly, channel grates should always be positioned at a point where surface waters are likely to roll towards. It drains water along the entire length and are made up of an enclosed channel with some form of grating over the top. The main purpose of a channel grate is to remove surface water away from a selected area. This helps preventing flooding and overspill or stagnant water. It is also used to control water flow in an area by reducing the stress being put on the system. So if you are looking for a prevention for flooding product a galvanised channel grate is the best option for you, not only is it durable, it is also 100% effective.


There are a lot of material options to consider if you want a channel grate. Each comes with different prices and durability. Here are some options for you to consider:


Plastic is the cheapest out of all the material options but it is also the weakest when it comes to durability. This is most commonly used in pool side or decks or inside drains. It is easy to install and is also lightweight. However, plastic can easily fade, splint or peel. The smooth finishing of plastic is a soft material choice for bare feet. They are also easily to work with so decoration patterns you have in mind is almost possible. Plastic channel grates doesn’t last long, although there are many factors to consider like weather, maintenance, human interaction and a lot more.


Most commonly used in municipal and industrial sites, they are often over in grass or in concrete. A custom drain grate is cheaper than any other metal options but twice or thrice more durable than the other. Most of them come in industrial-looking due to manufacturing considerations. It is not easy to cast than any other material. Simple slots or bars are common. If you are looking for a durable, load bearing material, this is the perfect material option for you. A custom drain grate is perfect in urban areas where heavy loading vehicles constantly pass by. Rather than breaking or splintering, this will only dent if it is under heavy impact. If you are looking for a material option for a drainage grate replacement, this is the best option for you.


Expensive yet durable. Most commonly used in showers, tubs or patios. This is more likely compatible with the interior design of your home. This is mostly the go to option of many because of its corrosion resistance property and aesthetic looks.  Stainless steel channel grates are also usually constructed of simple machined shapes. Slotted widths are common or a pattern of holes. Like any other steel, stainless is harder to cast. If you are looking for functionality and at the same time, aesthetically pleasing then this is the best material option for you.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost-effective for long term solution to remove water
  • Controls water flow after heavy rain
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Customizable
  • Affordable


Drain grates Sydney has been now an important feature in any household especially if your place experiences heavy rains or if you live in a very urban area where urban flooding is prone to happen. Since not all households are the same, custom drain grates are very popular to make sure that they fit within the style and use of the house. Ferrum is one of Sydney’s top drainage grate installer and maker. They are very well known for customized metal products which are of high quality and perfect craftsmanship. We always make sure we provide you with the service you deserve.

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