Galvanised Drainage Grates: Finding the Right Design For You

Galvanised Drainage Grates: Finding the Right Design For You

It is important to have a good quality grate installed on your property. Galvanised drainage grates are an inexpensive way of preventing water from building up and causing flooding, which can lead to costly repairs.

They also ensure that the flow of water is collected and directed away from the house so you don't get puddles in your driveway or yard. This article will discuss the different designs of galvanised drainage grates, how they work, where they can be found in Australia and why it's important to have one installed on your property!

What are Galvanised Drainage Grates?

Galvanised Drainage grates are metal grates coated with zinc.  On the other hand, galvanisation is the process of coating steel or iron with zinc to prevent rusting. That's why galvanised drainage grates are often used for their durability and affordability.

If you have a property that has a driveway, garden or any other place where water collects, then you will need to install drainage grates. Galvanised drainage grates are the most popular type because they offer superior protection against corrosion from road salts and extreme weather conditions.

In Australia, galvanised drainage grates can be found in most hardware stores or places where building materials are sold. They come in various sizes to suit the needs of different properties so selecting the right one is important!

The Different Designs of Galvanised Drainage Grates

There are many different designs of galvanised drainage grates available. We will discuss a few below and how you can choose which one is best for your property.

Diamond-shaped with two vertical bars and one horizontal bar

These grates are a little more restrictive than the other designs but they also work well in areas where water flows slowly and steadily. They are perfect for areas prone to erosion.

Waffle-shaped which has holes that are arranged in a grid pattern

This type of grate is a little more expensive than the previous two but it provides excellent water flow control. It's perfect for areas prone to heavy rain as the waffle shaped grate can manage large amounts of water without clogging up.

Open grating with no bars and just consist of openings on the surface.

Grates without bars are easier to clean.  This type of galvanised drainage grate can withstand high levels of rainfall and is perfect for heavily trafficked areas.

Lattice grating made up of vertical slats

Lattice grating is made up of vertical slats spaced at about 30mm or 50mm apart. This type of galvanised drainage grates are perfect for areas with limited space and need a grate to be installed in close proximity to the ground as they can act like a grill blocking dirt from entering your home.

Galvanised drainage grates with one of two horizontal bars across its width

This type of drainage grate is perfect for driveways and footpaths where the water is expected to flow horizontally. They are perfect for pedestrian walkways because they provide some protection from tripping over raised grids.

The downside of this style is that they may not offer enough room for the water to flow vertically, which can be a problem in high-volume environments. If you live near sea level or have a lower risk of flooding, then these grates are highly recommended by experts.  

Galvanised drainage grates with vertical steel ribs running up and down either side

This is a more durable design compared to other options. It's perfect for area where heavy machinery such as trucks or forklifts is used. Compared to the horizontal rib design, this type of grate has a thicker mesh, which helps prevent cracks from forming. They can also be installed on roads, car parks or even in warehouses to help manage water flow.

Single panel galvanised drainage grate

This is a more affordable option. It has fewer vertical ribs than the previous grate. But, it still offers great coverage for water collection. It's perfect for small areas like patios or driveways because there are no horizontal ribbing that may interfere with foot traffic when wet.

How to Find The Right Design For You

There are a couple of things you might need to consider when choosing the right design of galvanised drainage grates. Here are some of them:


If you're expecting a lot of foot traffic on the grate, then it's best to go with a more expensive option so that the vertical ribs don't get in the way.

If you have no or minimal foot traffic, such as patios and driveways, then a single panel grate is perfect for your needs.


If you're using it for driveway drainage, then a driveway channel grate is the best option. If you're using it for a driveway or pathway, then consider an intermediate style of galvanised grate that has ribs on both sides to collect water but can also withstand pedestrian traffic.

If your use will be small and just needs drainage purposes, such as patios and driveways, then there are single panel grates available on the market as well.


If you're on a very tight budget, and will only need the drainage for driveways or patios, then consider getting a single panel grate. If you are using it as an entry to your house or business that handles people walking through frequently (such as a driveway), then get one of the more expensive options with vertical ribs.

Things to Ponder When Choosing the Right Galvanished Drainage Grates

Nowadays, the concept of limited possibilities does not apply in any way to the realm of drain grates. Drain grates Sydney manufactures a wide variety of galvanished drain grates, ranging from those designed for high load to those designed for light duty and serving a variety of functions. Even the numerous varieties of drains, such as trench drains, catch basins, pool drains, shower drains, and so on, each serve a unique purpose.

The majority of municipal site fixtures are made of galvanised drainage grates, which is a common material. When viewed from a distance, galvanised grate may appear to have a matte ash grey colour; nevertheless, a closer inspection reveals that the surface has a characteristic spangled pattern with feather-like deposits of silvery-gray zinc oxide. Zinc deposits form a coating that physically and chemically protects the steel by acting as a barrier between the two. Galvanization has the potential to wear away over time and under the influence of chemical stress, leaving the steel vulnerable to corrosion. The presence of heavy de-icing chemicals and wear could allow corrosion to begin in earlier than expected if the zinc oxide is disturbed or chemically stressed.

Since steel is more difficult to cast than other materials, galvanised steel grates typically have a design that has an industrial appearance. This is because of the material's composition. It's not uncommon to find just slots or bars. In addition to this, steel is frequently used because it is a hard material that can support a load. Getting to the point, here are the important things you need to know when choosing the right galvanised drainage grates.


Since drain grates are typically installed in roadways or walking paths, it is absolutely essential that grates have the capacity to support weight. There are quite a few distinct load class standards, but galvanised drainage grates are the most common standards utilised by drain grates Sydney. This is due to the fact that galvanised drainage grates are more resistant to rusting as a result of being subjected to sudden shifts in temperature, water, dirt, and constant pressure.


There are several conventional sizes for the width of drains, although the width of drains does not always remain consistent. To begin, drain grates Sydney creates grates in a variety of sizes, which may not be standard. Drain grates Sydney tailors its grates so that they are only compatible with the customer’s unique drain channels. While it is helpful to use channels and grates made by the same manufacturer, knowing that everything will fit is much more important. This also means that the grates cannot be used with drains purchased from another source or ones that have been custom sized.


The ADA is a government-mandated standard that mandates all products intended for public use comply with a set of rules in order to be accessible to people with disabilities. This means that the size of the drain holes in drain grates, as well as the drain holes in any other type of public grate, must conform to a specific standard. The sides of the holes that are parallel to the general direction of traffic need to be no more than half an inch in height for grates to be certified as ADA compliant.

The dimensions of the aperture that are perpendicular to the direction in which traffic is moving are subject to less restrictions and can be of any size. The reason for this is so that wheelchair wheels and walking cranes do not become caught or lost among the openings of the grates. Although it may not appear possible, the grate hole forms can be created to not only look nice but also efficiently drain surface water while providing a surface that is safe for people who are unable to traverse.


Aesthetics is likely to be the component in the decision that is both the most subjective and the one that takes the most time to consider. Today, there is an overwhelming variety of distinct hole patterns and designs for galvanised drain grates, not to mention a variety of materials to choose from. After a fast search, you'll find that drain grates might have straightforward slot designs, sophisticated slot patterns, or even slot patterns that can be customised. Even the materials used can be different given that drain grates Sydney offers varying options.

An essential remark before we end the discussion...

These are only a few of the most important tips out of a very lengthy list, but they are some of the most important ones. The load class of a drain grate is the factor that requires the utmost attention among all others.

It is possible for grates to readily break if the load class is incorrect; as a result, it is best to check with each grate manufacturer about the specifications and alternatives available for their grates. The information provides you with a clearer picture of the various circumstances to which their grates can be adapted to fit. After then, everything is up to individual preference and the way the galvanised drainage grate is styled in relation to its surroundings.

Ready to grab your own galvanised drainage grates?

Are you looking for a galvanised channel grate, a driveway channel grate or galvanised drainage grates? Feeling confused about which design might be perfect for your needs? We can help! For your galvanised drainage grate needs, visit our store or send us a message today.

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