Explore Our World of Custom Fabrication: Discover the Range of Products We Offer

Explore Our World of Custom Fabrication: Discover the Range of Products We Offer

Curious about the boundless possibilities of custom fabrication? Look no further – this article is your gateway to exploring the diverse spectrum of products we proudly offer. As you delve into the world of custom fabrication, you'll uncover an array of solutions designed to cater to your unique needs. By the time you've finished reading, you'll not only be enlightened about the extensive product range but also armed with the insights you need to make the perfect choice for your custom fabrication endeavor.


What is custom fabrication?

Custom fabrication is the process of customizing and crafting products according to your specifications. In this article, we'll focus on custom metal products. These custom pieces are made with precision, which ensures they will last for a long time.

They can be used in many different ways such as furniture, home accessories or outdoor structures like fire pits. The process of custom metal processing starts by gathering the necessary materials from the raw metal and then shaping them in a form that the client requests.

The custom fabrication process is very flexible, so it can be done to your precise specifications. This ensures that you will get exactly what you want from start to finish. It's also much more affordable than buying custom products off the shelf or ordering custom items online.


Benefits of Custom Fabrication

Having your metal and steel products crafted and customized can offer a wide array of benefits. Here are some of them.

They can fit the theme of your home.

Custom fabrication of steel and metal ensures you get exactly what you need. If you're looking to remodel your home, custom metal and steel products can be made in a way that best suits the theme of your new design.

You can have something that no one else does.

Custom fabrication offers an opportunity for you to have a custom-made product that no one else has. No two custom metal or steel products will be the same, which gives your home and/or business something truly unique.

More satisfaction on the end-product.

Because you're part of the creation process, you're more likely to be satisfied with its end result. You'll take more pride in custom fabricating your own product and it will have a personal touch.

Made to be more durable and long-lasting

Tired of items and furniture that breaks easily? Then, you'll love custom fabricated products.

Custom-fabricated metal and steel products are more durable than regular custom furniture, which means you'll be able to enjoy it for longer periods of time. With lesser maintenance and replacements needed, you'll save time, save money and prevent waste.


What Are the Various Methods Used in Custom Fabrication?

Metal can be manipulated, sculpted, cut, and moulded in a variety of ways depending on the specific technique being used. Fabricating metal can take on very varied forms depending on the circumstances because there is no one universal procedure that always entails the same process of cutting and bending.  In order to reach this degree of skill and variety, custom fabrication needs to make use of a wide array of different approaches and kinds of equipment.

Some of these processes are performed manually by trained professionals. This occurs more frequently in situations where the item in question does not require production on a massive scale. When production needs to be done on a larger scale, it is typical for a machine to take over these similar responsibilities instead of a human.

Welding, shearing, and grinding are examples of the methods that belong in this process. 

The manufacture of metal can also make use of a computer in order to execute jobs that are more exact, in addition to the procedures that are more mechanically rooted. When this occurs, a worker will programme a computer to issue the appropriate commands to shape the metal in accordance with the requirements. The following are some examples of procedures that are examples of computer-controlled methods:

  • Laser cutting
  • bending
  • forming
  • punching

In many situations, it could appear at first glance that the computer-automated processes and the mechanical ones are identical to one another. In a procedure that is mechanical, shears might be used to cut the metal, or in a system that is computer-based, laser cutting might be used. With this distinction, you might wonder, what is the key distinction between the two approaches, and which one, if either, yields superior results?

The answer is that certain kinds of processes are better suited to different kinds of jobs. For instance, shearing may be a viable option for a case in which precision is not highly necessary and the expenditure of laser cutting is just not warranted due to the lack of importance placed on it. The use of laser cutting is preferable in situations when the utmost precision and sensitivity are required. In this way, neither of the processes can be said to take the place of the other, and both have their own roles to play. Instead of asking which option is superior to the other, it could be more suitable to enquire about which option is better suited to your needs.

The process of custom fabrication is considered to be a value-added process. Through this, the value of the metal is increased by shaping it into a design that can be put to practical use.


Custom Fabrication: Check Out The Products We Offer

If you're looking for custom fabrication services, Ferrum can help! We've provided custom fabrication solutions for almost 50 years. Our custom products include customized firepits, range hoods, doors, glass hangers, metal tables, steel chairs and drain grates. Let's explore each of them below. 

Custom Firepits

Are you looking for an outdoor fireplace, steel fire pits and fire pit ember screens? You can get these quality firepits at Ferrum.

Custom firepits are important for creating a dramatic ambience in your backyard. Spending time outdoors in your backyard with family and friends is sure to be more memorable with custom firepits.

Custom Rangehood

Custom rangehoods keep heat in the cooking area. It protects you from grease splatter with a splashback guard that is designed to be recessed into an island benchtop or wall cabinet. This custom fitting prevents any messes from spilling out onto stovetops. Because custom rangehood is custom made for your kitchen, they'll surely fit your needs and style of the house.

Custom door

Custom metal and steel doors match the security needs of your home. They are custom-made to be lockable, with a latch that is an integral part of the door. The locks and latches on custom doors can also be designed for custom keys or codes if you want.

The custom door will take your home from just having security measures in place to being uniquely yours.

Custom glass hanger

Does your house have an indoor bar? Do you own a restaurant or bar? A custom glass hanger helps organize your glasses while matching the elegance of your interior.

Custom metal and steel custom glass hangers are designed to suit any size of your wall, table or bar. They come in different shapes and sizes; you can even have custom glass racks installed for a more complete package. 

Custom metal tables

Do you need tables made to your specifications? Then custom metal tables are for you. You can customize it to any measurements, so it can match the size of your kitchen and your family. Use the best metals and get a durable and stylish finish. They can even come in a wide range of colours and finishes. Lastly, they're made to be more durable and require less maintenance. 

Custom steel chairs

Custom steel chairs can be made to match your aesthetic preferences and needs. They can be designed to match your table's style and height. There are many ways you can customize them. You can even have long-legged chairs for children. You can attach wheels or have fixed legs for mobility. You can even customize the arms to be removable or foldable.

Custom drain grates

Struggling with stormwater issues? You can custom fabricate a drain grate to help solve the problem. There are many different sizes depending on your needs and space limitations. They're made from high-quality materials that won't rust or corrode, so you know they'll last for a long time.


Regulations For Custom Fabrication of Drainage Grates

As a result of the prevalence of galvanished drainage grates and galvanished channel grates in both commercial and public settings, there are rules and procedures in place to ensure the general populace's safety. These include the ADA standards as well as load and class criteria.

ADA Requirements

The ADA established certain guidelines for the design of drainage grates to ensure that individuals with disabilities face no obstacles in the event that one of these grates is in their path. According to these standards, for instance, the size of the holes in the grates must conform to a standard that is considered safe. This prevents mobility aids such as canes and wheelchairs from becoming jammed.

Loading and Classification

The grates typically see a lot of traffic, including vehicles like cars and trucks. In order to ensure the safety of both the roads and the people using the roads, each grate is given a load class standard designation.

Trench Drain Grates

An extended drainage system that is buried in the ground and covered with a grate in order to facilitate drainage is known as a trench drainage system. They are built with the purpose of controlling an excessive amount of surface water. Standard, heel-proof, and ornamental are three basic styles that you will frequently come across.


Custom Fabrication: Classification of Drain Grates


 Able to manage moderate water flow, possesses great hydraulic capacity, and, as a result of its broader openings, is an ideal option for use in regions with heavy clay.


Best for extremely low water flow and engineered with extra small apertures to prevent heels from becoming stuck, but also offers enhanced safety for cane users. Heel-proof drains are best for very low water flow.


Designs can vary, as can the amount of water flow they allow. Decorative grates are manufactured with an emphasis on their aesthetic qualities.


Custom Fabrication: Which One is Best for You

Horizontal? Vertical? or Diagonal Alignment?

With the exception of decorative grates due to custom fabrication, galvanised driveway grates Sydney offers a variety of different designs. The holes in every drain grate are manufactured with either a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal alignment. Let's take a look at how each operates and does what it's meant to do.

Horizontal alignment

Sometimes referred to as a cross-drain and designed for low water flow, horizontal alignment is very effective but not always conducive to bicycle traffic. Horizontal alignment is designed for low water flow.

Vertical Alignment

 The most common type of alignment found in urban environments and is regarded to be the standard. They are able to satisfy the low water flow requirements of a city and can be readily traversed while riding a bicycle.

Diagonal alignment

This type of grate is designed for an average water flow and rate, and it can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Cast iron, polymer, galvanised steel, or ductile iron are some examples of the permitted materials that are used in the construction of the many varieties of drain grates, which, as was previously said, are required to meet ADA and load class standards.


Need help from custom fabricators in Sydney?

Custom fabricated products offer many benefits. They're more durable and more fitting to your needs. There's also a wide variety of custom fabricated products you can choose from like custom doors, tables and so much more.

Whether you need custom metal fabrication or specifically custom steel fabrication, we can help. Send us a message to learn more about our custom fabrication products and services.

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