Galvanised Drainage Grates

Benefits of Galvanised Drainage Grates

Also known as trench drains or linear drains are based on gravity. Accordingly, channel grates should always be positioned at a point where surface waters are likely to roll towards. It drains water along the entire length and are made up of an enclosed channel with some form of grating over the top. The main purpose of a channel grate is to remove surface water away from a selected area. This helps preventing flooding and overspill or stagnant water. It is also used to control water flow in an area by reducing the stress being put on the system. So if you are looking for a prevention for flooding product galvanised drainage grates are the best option for you, not only is it durable, it is also 100% effective.


1. Easy to maintain

Since galvanized drainage grates are basically channel grate covered in protective zinc, they are rust resistance so that means that they do not to tending to every now and then. Because of this, it is very simple to clean when compared to other materials like plastic. Drainage systems require routine maintenance to ensure peak performance. Galvanised drainage grates are an excellent choice for this purpose because they are simple to clean and can be kept in pristine condition with little effort.

It is not necessary for you to be concerned about waste materials becoming lodged in the pore spaces or grooves of the galvanized drainage grates. It will also be simple for you to eliminate waste materials such as this without causing any damage to the grates. You will have reduced expenses as a result of using this method. You also won't have to worry about the color changing due to normal wear and tear.

2. Cost-effective for long term solution to remove water

If you are in an area where water easily rises, this is the most cost-effective solution for you as it removes water easily while not overflowing and will still be the same for many years. Galvanised drainage grates are an option that is not only economical as a material, but also very long-lasting, which means that they are less likely to break than those made of other types of metal. As a result, you won't have to replace them nearly as frequently, which will end up saving you several hundred dollars over the course of their lifetime.

Because it is made of a material that does not absorb dirt and bacteria, cleaning galvanised drainage grates do not require as much effort as it would with other materials. This results in cost savings. Galvanised drainage grates, in every sense of the word, a more affordable option than those made of other materials.

3. Controls water flow after heavy rain

When water flow is too much, they tend to form a pool or puddle but with galvanized drainage grates they are easily remedied as they control water floor during and after heavy rainfall.

4. Reduces soil erosion

Since water is redirected or directed to a certain flow, soil erosion is prevented as water cannot form channels of water everywhere.

5. Customizable

With everything in the world customizable, even steel can be. You can create shapes, style, patterns, and colors of your liking that will match the aesthetics of your home, business, or building.

6. Affordable

You might think that steel fabrication, let alone, custom steel fabrication is expensive but having it galvanized is affordable. They are a great investment and offers better service than any other option you can come up with.

7. Hygienic And Sanitary

When it comes to the benefits of using galvanised drainage grates, the first and perhaps most important one is the fact that they are hygienic and sanitary. Because of the manufacturing process, galvanised drainage grates are nonporous, seamless, and easy to clean. These characteristics make them advantageous. This tends to make cleaning galvanised drainage grates even easier, and it reduces the likelihood that waste will become caught in the pores or ridges of the grates.

In addition, because it is a material that does not have pores, it does not allow bacteria or other potentially harmful pollutants to grow on it, making it an extremely desirable material. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for use in medical facilities as well as establishments that provide food service, such as hoteliers, industrial kitchens, and plants that handle food.

8. Longevity And Profound Qualities

It is imperative that you keep the drainage system's longevity and sturdiness in mind when selecting any component for the system. This is due to the fact that these systems are subjected to the elements, as well as the fact that they are required to withstand rigors applications. Only the most robust grate systems, for instance, will be able to withstand the effects of storms.

Galvanised drainage grates are sturdy when it comes to material choice. Because of this factor, grates made of stainless steel have quickly become the most popular option available on the market. They are hard, durable, strong, and long-lasting in their quality.

These galvanized drainage grates have a higher resistance to impact, which indicates that they are capable of supporting heavier loads. When there is a lot of foot traffic on your property, you need to select the most durable drain covers possible, and galvanized drainage grates are your best bet in this regard.

Most importantly, the material is resistant to corrosion, which makes it ideal for use as drainage grates in housing, business, and industrial settings. When compared to grates made of iron or polymer plastic, they are also superior in terms of their resistance to high temperatures. Galvanised drainage grates will function flawlessly in environments that are extremely cold as well as those that are extremely hot.

You won't have to worry about repairs or replacement if you go with these long-lasting grates, which will help you save a significant amount of money in the long run. You are confident that these grates will be able to withstand whatever conditions you throw at them and still perform to the best of their abilities.

9. Aesthetic Appeal

The general appearance of the trench grates is yet another significant advantage of using galvanised drainage grates. When you see drain grates, they are typically unsightly and stick out in contrast to their surroundings. 

The use of galvanised drainage grates, on the other hand, provides an alternative to the traditional design of trench drain covers that is both more streamlined and contemporary. Galvanised drainage grates are much more appealing to the eye and can be made to complement a variety of different designs.

Therefore, it does not matter where you intend to install the trench drain because the grate will blend in seamlessly and appear as though it was an integral part of the design from the very beginning. In addition, because it is available in a variety of dimensions, the grate cover does not necessarily need to be wide in order to occupy a significant portion of the space on your floor. Instead, it might be thin and unobtrusive, taking the form of a minuscule component of the design.


1. Lower cost than stainless.
2. Less maintenance/Lowest long term cost.
3. Long life expectancy.
4. Coating life and performance are reliable.
5. Outstanding resistance to mechanical damage.
6. Protection to small areas of steel exposed through damage.
7. No other coating can provide the same protection.
8. No lost time in surface preparation, painting and inspection.


There are a lot of material options to consider if you want a drain grates Sydney. Each comes with different prices and durability. Here are some options for you to consider:


Plastic is the cheapest out of all the material options but it is also the weakest when it comes to durability. This is most commonly used in pool side or decks or inside drains. It is easy to install and is also lightweight. However, plastic can easily fade, splint or peel. The smooth finishing of plastic is a soft material choice for bare feet. They are also easily to work with so decoration patterns you have in mind is almost possible. Plastic channel grates doesn’t last long, although there are many factors to consider like weather, maintenance, human interaction and a lot more.


Most commonly used in municipal and industrial sites, they are often over in grass or in concrete. A custom drain grate is cheaper than any other metal options but twice or thrice more durable than the other. Most of them come in industrial-looking due to manufacturing considerations. It is not easy to cast than any other material. Simple slots or bars are common. If you are looking for a durable, load bearing material, this is the perfect material option for you. Custom grates are perfect in urban areas where heavy loading vehicles constantly pass by. Rather than breaking or splintering, this will only dent if it is under heavy impact. If you are looking for a material option for a drainage grate replacement, this is the best option for you.


Expensive yet durable. Most commonly used in showers, tubs or patios. This is more likely compatible with the interior design of your home. This is mostly the go to option of many because of its corrosion resistance property and aesthetic looks.  Stainless steel channel grates are also usually constructed of simple machined shapes. Slotted widths are common or a pattern of holes. Like any other steel, stainless is harder to cast. If you are looking for functionality and at the same time, aesthetically pleasing then this is the best material option for you.

Investing in galvanised drainage grates is ideal for people at home especially in a garage when you are in a place that constantly gets flooded with small rain pours. Galvanised drainage grates are very common now as cleaning at home makes it easier to flush out the water.


Ferrum are experts in metal fabrication and installation. They are also drainage grate installer. We also provide customization. All projects are handled by highly skilled professionals with years of experience. We always put our customers needs and wants first while still making sure we provide our professional advice to make sure that the project is successful.

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