Add a Touch of Style to Your Home with Custom Made Doors

Add a Touch of Style to Your Home with Custom Made Doors


In a domestic sphere or in any infrastructure layout in general, the architectural features of a door go beyond being just a generic interior element — it also signifies a separation of space and a solid barrier to distinguish utilities, and stimulate a controlling access and convenience on the other end. Highly-significant would be an understatement if we’d refer to the functions of doors — more so of custom made doors in an interior set-up. Doors serve its optimal usage in our residential, corporate, industrial or manufacturing spaces in such ways that;

  1. It is utilized to screen sections of a house for aesthetic appeal; separating the generic and functional spaces.
  2. It is integrated with security features that permit only certain persons to gain entry and thereby keep others out.
  3. It also plays an important function in keeping fire or smoke from spreading.
  4. House doors are employed to modulate the physical ambiance within a room, allowing a more optimal heating and cooling of interiors to be achieved.
  5. It also acts as noise barrier when there are chances of too much noise outside of the house.

And who said doors can’t be fully-functional and aesthetically-appealing at the same time? Lucky for you, here in Ferrum, our custom fabrication service allows you to create products custom made just for you! We value creative pursuits in your interior pieces making either your commercial or residential living experience more elite and top-class. And there is nothing quite a better way to finish up your dream abode or give it that cozy appeal than exquisite custom made doors to greet you as you enter your home, and to serve as a prominent showpiece for your residence. And you wouldn’t want a lousy façade on your homes, would you? Indeed, custom made doors is the way to go!

To give you a rundown of the basics of installing these within your space, and also to convince you even more, here’s all you have to know;

What are Custom Doors?

A custom door can be established in an array of styles, features, and materials to complement your exact needs and to stay true to your style. The installment of a custom door can drastically revolutionize the look and feel of your space, while also enhancing the existing design of your house or business.

Inside and outside of your home, custom doors can be used in any room or section of your space. The design that you choose is a true manifestation of your imagination, and it contributes to the sophisticated appearance of your space that is similarly found in luxury residential.

And for the fun part, here are few reasons to convince you even more on why custom made doors are a good investment:


  1. Assured Quality

Custom doors are produced to order from the finest and top-tier materials in the precise configuration that you desire to achieve. Whether you prefer a dimensionally stable door or a hollow core door, custom made doors are a high-quality ideal solution that will equip you with the functionality and aesthetic that integrate the décor of your house. The woods utilized in custom doors range from alder to ash and walnut to white oak, by which are all sturdy, exquisite, and deliberately designed to last. It is sourced from renowned glass producers that have earned a reputation for quality and longevity, and it is precision-cut to ensure a precise fit for custom doors. Furthermore, a custom made door possess a certain degree of craftsmanship that is exponentially superior to that of a prefabricated door — owing to the increased quality of the materials utilized. Most of which are carefully crafted and have intricate carpentry work and woodwork that flawlessly accentuate the overall appearance of your area.


  1. Longevity

When you acquire a basic prefabricated door, it is conceivable that it may not gain any traction. Custom doors, on the other hand, are built with professional craftsmanship and the highest-quality materials attainable. Because of the high level of efficiency and keen eye for details that goes into creating a customised door, it will last for a longer duration, often decades longer than the bargain doors you'll purchase at your town home goods department or supply store. It is reasonable to anticipate your customised door to withstand for many years with little to no maintenance due to the high quality of the materials used and the expert craftsmanship that goes into its creation. Also dependent on the door's purpose, you can have it thicker, lighter with slim profiles, made of different materials, or even amplified for security, making the door more suitable for the tasks it will be subjected to.


  1. Increases Property Value

It is possible to significantly increase the perceived worth of your property by installing an aesthetically-appealing front door made of quality materials and designed with the overall interior layout you envision for your space. If your front door appears antiquated, there is an even more compelling argument that this will entice homebuyers to bid to your property. Put it another way, high-quality custom exterior doors raise the value of the property, making them a wise financial decision for the long term, Of all home improvement projects, replacing a front door has the maximum profit.


Planning to have one installed in your residential place? Check Ferrum Engineering and Fabrication for yourself now!

For close to 50 years, we have been providing custom fabrication solutions through our in-house manufacturing facility. With the quality of our work, backed by a 10-year guarantee, no job is too great for us. From grates to trash screens, we also offer custom sizing and custom designs for all your building needs.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can make your envisioned customised pieces into a reality!


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