Australian Made Fire Pits

5 Ways Australian Made Fire Pits Can Make Your Life Better

Imagine walking out into your backyard and seeing a custom-built outdoor fire pit or fireplace that doubles as a stunning focal point for your property's landscape. Not only would it be a great attention getter, but it would also serve a plethora of other functions. There's nothing better than gathering in the garden with friends and family around a toasty fire pit to enjoy the onset of summer in Australia. Fire pits provide a subtle, timeless elegance that encourages bond, friendship, family, and fellowship among those who gather around them. Nothing compares a quiet evening spent around mesmerizing licking flames, whether you're roasting marshmallows, barbecuing, or simply having a pleasant, relaxing discussion over a glass of wine with your loved ones. Whatever your reason for wanting to extend your outdoor entertaining season all year long or simply want a dedicated space to roast marshmallows with the family, Australian made fire pits will be a versatile addition to your garden or outdoor entertaining area that will undoubtedly improve the ambiance of the space. Indeed, it is a fantastic thought to hold.

The prevalence of fire pits has increased dramatically in recent years, to the point where they have become the most sought-after accessory to have in your backyard. The range of options now available on the market today is virtually limitless, making it easier than ever to choose the appropriate one for you and your needs while staying within your budget.

Not convinced enough? To justify that claim ever more and suffice your doubts, here are 5 ways Australian made fire pits can make your life better.

1. Adaptable and Wide Spectrum

One of the most appealing aspects of custom outdoor fire pits is how easily they blend into any house yard or patio area, featuring a firefighting table that serves as a stunning focal point for the space outside your home's doors.

Your home may either have a backyard the size of a post office stamp, or a garden the size of a football field, making it a convenient choice for most consumers, especially because practically every type of backyard has an outdoor fire pit. Regular wood-burning fire pits are a wonderful, classic alternative for those who prefer to keep things simple. Furthermore, because these types of fire pits do not require a connection to a fuel source, you have complete freedom in deciding where you want to place them on your patio. In other circumstances, however, users of wood-burning fire pits may be required to ensure that they are in accordance with local and state laws because open wood fires are not permitted in all areas. Portable propane fire pits, which are more modern options, are generally considered to be safer to use. Unlike traditional lighting fixtures, these are significantly easier to illuminate and can be moved about easily as needed. The fact that they are smokeless is another advantage of propane outdoor fire pits, which means that they can be used in most camp sites where burning wood is prohibited. Single stoves have been cleverly built to eliminate practically all of the smoke produced by the shadows of wood-burning flames in the single era of "smokeless" wood-burning fire pits that are currently available for purchase on the market.

2. Visually-Appealing Outdoor Living Space

Adding Australian made fire pits or fire pit table to your yard, patio, or deck may completely change the feel of your outdoor living area. A fire pit may serve as a magnificent focal point for your outdoor living space, as well as establish the tone for your outdoor living space and help define a meeting space. Australia made fire pits may assist to transform your outdoor living space into an additional "room" for your home. When you furnish your outdoor living space with bespoke fire pits, you are essentially adding an additional "room" to your home.

3. Social Hotspot

When it comes to creating an ambiance, nothing beats the open flames of Australian made fire pits for encouraging a social gathering or a long, in-depth talk. Perhaps as a result of our natural attraction to fire, a fire pit serves as the ideal focal point for any outdoor gathering and helps to create the correct atmosphere. Make the night a stargazing spectacular by turning on the lights. A campfire allows you to spend more time immersed in the sounds of Mother Nature. If the night is very warm, keep the fire running but move the seats away from the flames so that the heat doesn't become oppressively hot. Alternatively, a roaring fire offers the ideal atmosphere for long, meaningful evenings spent with friends and family in front of a crackling fire.

A campfire provides a degree of subtly entertaining amusement that keeps people from being bored, but it does so without being a source of distraction. Additionally, the calming impact of fire may foster a sense of community among those who gather around it, encouraging people to engage in friendly discussion and to feel a sense of belonging to the group.

4. Excellent Cooking Instrument

Few activities are more invigorating to our primordial selves than cooking over an open flame. This does not imply that you must slow roast a pig or place your cast iron skillet on top of a log to achieve the desired results. A few sticks and some marshmallows, on the other hand, can make for a fantastic evening. S'mores are a popular dessert among many people. And, when combined with Australian made fire pits, they can become the primary attraction for the evening.

5. Completely Safe When Utilised Responsibly

Fire pits that are powered by natural gas or propane are quite safe. Fire pits, like any other item that is misused, can be hazardous, albeit this is a rare occurrence. The use of common sense and safety should always be at the forefront of any decision. It is the primary goal of any fire pit owner to use their fire pit responsibly so that they, their family, and their visitors can continue to enjoy it night after night, and even in the morning as previously stated. Moreover, even if they never intend to operate the vehicle, ensuring that the entire family understands how to operate it securely is essential.




Australian made fire pits in your backyard is something you may have been considering. You've come to the right spot then, as Ferrum specializes in the custom construction of custom made fire pits, steel fire pits, and fire pit ember screen. Not only because of its function, but also because of the impact it has on the environment as a whole, a fire pit in the backyard becomes an attractive feature in the house. One of the best ways to unwind in the winter is to sit around a fire, which is a tradition that dates back a long time. As a result, people started using Australian made fire pits in place of conventional bonfires.

We may socialize with our relatives and friends outside on warm nights by having fire pits Sydney. The warmth of a fire pit inspires us, encourages conversation and creativity, and may be engrossing and calming to sit and gaze at during gatherings. We all admire the dramatic and romantic mood it may create in addition to the warmth and illumination it provides. Continue reading to discover the factors to take into account when getting Australian made fire pits!



The first step in any home improvement project, including getting Australian-made fire pits, is setting a budget for the job. The price is subject to a variety of variables. The cost will vary depending on whether you choose to construct the fire pit out of stone, brick, or a more expensive stone like granite. A separate cost will be incurred for pre-assembled kits and firepit basins. Kits with a wood engine cost far less than those with a gas engine.



Choose a size and style that are compatible with your budget and area. The height and breadth of built-in units can vary from 36 to 58 inches. Thanks to changeable heights, models may be either high in the air or low to the ground. Choose a type that is either slightly lower or at the same height as a conventional seat. The amount of heat radiation is also influenced by the distance between the chairs and the fire pit.



You can't just put a fire pit wherever. The place must be carefully selected. To avoid tragedies, keep it away from anything that could catch fire. The fire pit should be placed in a roomy area away from buildings, grass, and other flammable items to prevent flame spread. It's also important to consider the wind's direction. Australian made fire place



Construction can be done with copper, stainless steel, tile, stone, and other materials. Stone is a heavy stone that is ideal for long-lasting fire pits built in Australia. While more costly, stainless steel is more rust- and weather-resistant, simpler to clean, and more durable.The fact that tiles can withstand fire makes them a great choice for décor. Copper fire pits are also stunning. They are safe and aesthetically pleasing in your yard because they are powder-coated.



When buying Australian-made fire pits, it's also important to think about whether you like the portability of a portable model or if you'd prefer to spend money on a fire pit that would be permanently installed in your garden. For tenants who wish to illuminate various areas of the garden, portable fire pits are a perfect solution because of their portability and light weight.



For a fire pit, you can use gel, propane, natural gas, or wood as fuel. Wood is frequently chosen as a material by people who enjoy the scent of nature. If you choose to utilize wood, on the other hand, be sure you have enough fuel on hand. Additionally, Australian-made fire pits that burn wood are less expensive than those that burn charcoal or propane.



A range of styles and designs are available for Australian made fire pits. The consideration of function comes after the selection of a site and a size. You require a fire pit that is recessed into the earth to enjoy s'mores and other informal gatherings. Were you considering including this in a more sophisticated outdoor kitchen setup? A wider ledge would be ideal for guests to place their food and drinks on. Does your sense of style lean more toward the sleek and modern or the earthy and rustic? ideally positioned next to outdoor living areas where people spend the bulk of the year, such as patios, pools, and outdoor kitchens.



It is very crucial to coordinate the design of your Australian made fire pit with the surroundings and the surrounding architecture. Furthermore, even though they are necessary for portable fire pits, they are typically less expensive and simpler to replace. This will produce a magnificent artwork that will seamlessly fit into your home entertainment space.



Making sure that your Australian made fire pit is situated or built on level ground is essential, in addition to making sure that it is not blocking any existing structures. To regulate sparks and ash while utilizing a wood-burning fire pit, it's crucial to install a metal screen. In order to prevent it from becoming an annoyance, make sure it is free of overhanging trees or bushes and keep it away from significant pathways and paths.



Before buying Australian made fire pits, check your city's construction regulations and municipal authorities to determine whether wood consumption is restricted or if outdoor fire pits are forbidden. Safety rules, such as those requiring a 10-foot buffer zone around structures and fences, usually place restrictions on where fire pits can be placed. Depending on the county, local fire inspectors may need to evaluate your desired location's fire safety. If your country has fuel restrictions due to environmental concerns, stay away from wood-burning versions and choose instead for smoke-free devices powered by propane or natural gas.


If you need custom fire pits and fireplaces in Australia, then you have come to the right place. We custom build outdoor fireplaces, outdoor steel fire pits, and fire pit ember screens. Australian quality fire pits — only at Ferrum.

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