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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom Made Outdoor Fireplaces

Custom made outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular as people spend more time at home. A breath of fresh air is something we definitely love and enjoy regardless of the season. Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, fireplaces allows gives us breath fresh air in our own backyard. Furthermore, custom outdoor fire pits can enhance the ambience of your outdoor space while potentially increasing the value of your home. Finally, including a custom-built outdoor fireplace in your yard will undoubtedly provide numerous benefits.

If you're thinking about renovating your backyard, start with custom made outdoor fireplaces. While store-bought fire pits are adequate for most uses, a custom-built fire pit is more durable, requires less maintenance, and is more likely to meet your specific requirements. If you have an idea for how your custom outdoor fire pit should look, as well as its size and other features, you can now make it a reality with Ferrum.

Custom Made Outdoor Fireplaces: Why You Should Invest

            Consider the following reasons why you should invest in a custom built outdoor fireplaces as you consider the best ways to improve your home and outdoor living space:

Reason #1: Enhances the Outdoor Environment

Custom made outdoor fireplaces are great additions because it can enhance your yard and enrich your surroundings. Fire pits and fireplaces can serve as a focal point for your outdoor living space in addition to providing a wonderful gathering space for family and friends. No matter what type of fire feature you install or what shape it takes, it creates a striking style anchor in your yard that improves the natural beauty of the surrounding area. 

Reason #2: Increase Outdoor Living and Comfort

Thanks to outdoor fireplaces, it is now possible to enjoy your backyard in comfort and style throughout the year. Colder months are no longer a hindrance to enjoy the outdoor yard. Everyone who will be gathered around the fireplace will be comfortable with the warmth it is radiating. Kids, especially, would certainly love the extended time outdoor. 

Custom fire pit or fireplace also provide natural brightness that enhance visibility at night without consuming electricity. Because it is dark at night, many outdoor spaces are unpleasant to spend time in. A distinctive fire feature provides plenty of light to illuminate these spaces. This in turn allows you, your family, and friends to spend more time and enjoy your outdoor space.

Reason #3: Increases Home Value

An outdoor fire feature significantly increases the value of your property, both financially and in terms of the quality of life it provides. It also provides a sense of sophistication and elegance to your yard. Moreover, it creates an inviting and warm atmosphere people would love.

Following the trend and increasing demand, fire pits and fireplaces are also attractive to potential homebuyers. When investors come and visit your property, they will love the enhanced aesthetic and added outdoor fun.

Improving the quality of life is ultimately the biggest plus to having custom made outdoor fireplaces. Other than increasing the monetary value of the property it also makes it unique with personality. And it's definitely rewarding to be able to bring and spend more quality time with friends and family outdoors in comfort. This oftentimes seen as more valuable than the monetary gain involved in installing a unique backyard fire feature.

Reason #4: Extends the outdoor season

Outdoor fireplaces are popular in the summer, but the good news is that they also allow you to spend more time outside in the winter. With an outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy your outdoor space during the cooler months of the year, such as the fall, winter, and early spring. An outdoor fireplace means that you can spend as much time outside as you like throughout the year. Whether you live in a cold freezing climate or one that is consistently warm and hot, an outdoor fireplace in for you. 

Reason #5: Helps to create an atmosphere

While having bonfires for ambience is enjoyable, they are not appropriate in residential areas. Outdoor fireplaces, on the other hand, can provide the same atmosphere while also providing safety and convenience. It also adds a level of elegance to an outdoor setting that is unrivaled. Its dramatic warmth and inviting vibe completely transforms the space. The warm glow brings a wonderful and relaxing mood in the atmosphere. It is perfect for cuddling up with your significant other, socializing with friends or story telling with kids. Even a small amount of warmth can make a significant difference.

Tips in Setting and Maintaining Custom Made Outdoor Fireplaces

Your perfect backyard is now finally yours after months of work. Perhaps you've laid out comfortable seats on a brand-new patio, planted a spotless garden, and strung bright lights from the branches of nearby trees. However, after night strikes, visitors still linger inside. Less time is spent relishing your labor of love as the months get colder.

You need something to draw conversation back outside, and nothing is quite as attractive as custom made outdoor fireplaces or bespoke fire pits. A fire is a focal point of community whether it's for family s'mores nights or informal dinners with friends. People naturally congregate around cozy, custom made outdoor fireplaces. This comprehensive book will cover both how to construct your own fire pit and maintenance advice, allowing you to take use of outdoor flames for many years to come.

Safety considerations before construction

Before starting any home renovation job, it's vital to give it some thought. As you consider your custom made outdoor fireplaces, have the following things in mind:


1. Know the laws in your city

Fire regulations and codes vary by location. If you are only allowed to have gas fires on your property, excavating a pit won't be very helpful. In the long run, you'll save time and trouble by investigating the local legislation.


2. Choose the Proper Location

A decent site is essential for a satisfying fire. To reduce smoke and ash that is dispersed, look for a location with some wind shelter. If possible, construct your custom made outdoor fireplaces far from your home and other buildings as well as from low-hanging tree limbs. Additionally, make sure there is enough space for everyone to enjoy your pit.


3. Before you dig, consider

Make sure you are aware of the location of utility lines buried near your property before you begin digging. You can simply prevent accidentally breaking a line, which will cost you time and money to fix.


4. Safeguard Your Pavement

Invest in some fire blocks if you plan to create your pit on patio stones or paved surfaces. Your patio's surface will eventually become damaged by the heat from a fire. Put fire blocks in the bottom of your pit to prevent this from happening.


custom fire pits australia

How To Set Up Your Custom Made Outdoor Fireplaces

After researching local ordinances and removing low-hanging trees, you're prepared to begin construction on your fire pit. Custom made outdoor fireplaces pit installer should be contacted for more complex designs, but with the correct equipment, you can construct a basic fire pit yourself in a single afternoon. The two most popular techniques for creating a fire pit, above-ground and in-ground, are listed below:

1. Custom Made Outdoor Fireplaces : Fire Pit Above Ground

A traditional and convenient addition to any backyard are above-ground fire pits. First, make sure you have the following equipment and supplies:

  • Stones (these can be any fire-resistant material, from bricks to concrete)
  • Grit, lava rocks, and sand
  • Shovel
  • Measurement tape
  • Level
  • Tamp
  • Concrete cement (optional)

2. Custom Made Outdoor Fireplaces: Ground-Based Fire Pit

    In-ground fire pits are more labor-intensive than above-ground ones, but they frequently have a more "finished" appearance, making the extra effort well worth it. Ensure that you have the necessary tools before starting.


    How To Maintain Custom Made Outdoor Fireplaces

    Custom made outdoor fireplaces don't require much upkeep to be pleasant, but routine maintenance will guarantee you get the most use out of your pit. Note: Although not required, think about getting a basic fireplace toolbox. A standard set will make maintaining your fire considerably simpler and includes an ash scoop, a long poker, and log tongs.


    1. Remove the ashes

      Because fire ash is acidic, it can gradually corrode your custom made outdoor fireplace’s walls. Regularly shovel them to prevent long-term harm. Ash can hold heat for days after a fire, providing a possible fire threat. Use a shovel to gather it in a metal bucket and let it sit for a few days before getting rid of it. If you have a garden, spread mulch and wood ash over your flowerbeds. Lime and potassium are abundant in ashes.


      2. Think about your fuel

        Avoid the impulse to burn any trash, however how enticing it may be. Burned trash might produce toxic substances that are bad for your lungs and your pit's surface. Fire starters are harmful and can stain or harm your pit. Burn mature, split wood to create long-lasting fires and a pit.


        3. Avoid Cracks

          Temperature changes that occur suddenly are rarely favorable. Flooding your fire with water in a dramatic manner may produce loud hissing and vapor, but it may also cause the heating stones to break.

          Small, hairline cracks just change the way your pit looks; bigger cracks can harm the structure. Examine any cracks that form along your custom made outdoor fireplaces to see whether they need to be patched. Let fires go out spontaneously as often as you can. Keep a pail of water handy in case of an emergency or to extinguish some obstinate embers. Cracks can be repaired using a variety of fillers or cement, but make sure the label indicates that they can tolerate high heat. Allow the filler to thoroughly dry before using your pit; this can take a few days to a few weeks.


          4. Try Covering

            Your custom made outdoor fireplace’s lifespan could be extended by several years if you buy a cover. A straightforward vinyl cover shields it from the effects of the weather and seasons, and a copper or metal design aids in putting out fires. Consider the weather your area is most likely to see when picking a cover; in warmer climates, sand or insects may pose more of a threat than hail or ice.


            5. Keep it tidy

              Simply cleaning your bespoke fire pit is among the simplest ways to keep it in good condition. However, the cleaning procedure will vary depending on the sort of fire pit you have.

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              Having an outdoor fireplace has numerous advantages that makes it a worthwhile investment. Having an outdoor fireplace is a great option for a variety of reasons, including hosting parties, increasing outdoor space, increasing your property value, extending the outdoor season, and creating an atmosphere.

              Ferrum is the place to go if you need a custom fabrication company. We’re known for creating exceptional outdoor living features, such as custom made outdoor fireplaces, outdoor steel fire pits, and fire pit ember screens. Our experts will be collaborating with you to achieve your desired outcome based on how you wish to ulitise your yard. It has been our commitment to provide excellent service to guarantee client satisfaction. We understand that it is an investment that you are making so we will see you through to success. 

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