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3 Stereotypes About Custom Grates That Weren’t Always True

Stereotypes is a very common concept on things that are easily misunderstood because majority of the people do not know enough about it. These stereotypes are very dangerous because they relay information that are false which many will going to believe and not knowing how much it will affect them. Although it is very uncommon though for custom grates to have stereotypes as they rarely do anything but drain water and debris. We are going to clear once and for all these stereotypes about custom grates and tell you why there are not always true.


Most commonly used in municipal and industrial sites, they are often over in grass or in concrete. Also known as trench drains or linear drains are based on gravity. Accordingly, custom grates should always be positioned at a point where surface waters are likely to roll towards. It drains water along the entire length and are made up of an enclosed channel with some form of grating over the top. The main purpose of a custom grate is to remove surface water away from a selected area. This helps preventing flooding and overspill or stagnant water. It is also used to control water flow in an area by reducing the stress being put on the system.

So, what are the main stereotypes that needs to be explained? Here are the following common misconception about custom drain grates:


Surprisingly, many people think that channel grates are one of the main causes of urban flooding as they restrict water flow and movement. This can never be far out from the truth and here is why.

TRUTH: Channel grates are designed to carry water out of the places where water is stagnant and easily forms a pool. They carry water out of the way to a stream or into a man-made lake or pond in the middle of a city. They are in no way what causes flooding in the first place, heavy rainfall and poor waterflow and water management and movement are the main causes of urban flooding. You might argue that you have seen channel grates does not promote good water flow as debris are stuck which restricts water flow but that is a matter of blockage and not what causes urban flooding in the first place.


Many would argue that having a channel grate in the middle of the road causes accidents, but this is false. Channel grates are designed to fit in with the road.

TRUTH: Engineers have developed and improved channel grates ever since they were created to perfectly fit in with the busy roads. They are designed to drain water and a safe way to pass through that is why there is standard measurement on how far apart grates are to make sure that tires (even bike tires) don’t go straight in. That is why there is now what we call galvanized channel grates. They are more durable and rust-resistance so they can withstand enormous and constant pressure from passing mobile and foot traffic plus the constant exposure to changing temperatures and water.


Many are worried especially for their children who loves running around the yard that they might be the cause they fall and cause serious injury. This is also false and here is why.

TRUTH: You might be worried that children might fall or have a foot trapped inside or step on it or trip, but channel grates are designed to perfectly align with the surface to make sure that there are no bumps. Again, there standard measurements on how far grates are so falling over or having a foot trap in nothing to be worried.


  1. Easy to maintain – since custom grates are basically channel grate (especially if they are covered in protective zinc), they are rust resistance so that means that they do not to tending to every now and then.
  2. Cost-effective for long term solution to remove water – if you are in an area where water easily rises, this is the most cost-effective solution for you as it removes water easily while not overflowing and will still be the same for many years.
  3. Controls water flow after heavy rain – when water flow is too much, they tend to form a pool or puddle but with custom grates they are easily remedied as they control water floor during and after heavy rainfall.
  4. Reduces soil erosion – since water is redirected or directed to a certain flow, soil erosion is prevented as water cannot form channels of water everywhere.
  5. Customizable – with everything in the world customizable, even steel can be. You can create shapes, style, patterns, and colors of your liking that will match the aesthetics of your home, business, or building.
  6. Affordable – you might think that steel fabrication, let alone, custom steel fabrication is expensive but having it galvanized is affordable. They are a great investment and offers better service than any other option you can come up with.



As most drain grates are for roads or pathways, it is paramount that grates would need to be able to be load-bearing. There are quite a few different load class standards, but the most common standards many drain grate manufacturers are galvanised drainage grates as they are more rust proof because they are more exposed to sudden temperature change, water, dirt and constant pressure.


While there are some standard drain width sizes, not all drainage widths are the same. For one, some manufacturers produce grates with unique sizing. Many drainage and grate manufacturers usually would have their grates fit only to their specific drain channels. While it’s useful if you are using the channels and grates of the same manufacturer, knowing it will fit. It also means that those grates would not work on drains bought elsewhere or custom sized ones.


Grates that are placed mustn’t be disrupted, especially in areas of traffic. Grates that don’t sit properly when horizontal can be very dangerous when cars and pedestrians go over them. You’ll want to ensure that grates stay in position with braking, accelerating, and turning traffic. Ensuring the security of grates will maintain the safety of the public while still allowing for water runoff to find its way to collection.


Here at Ferrum, we are well known for our professional Ferrum Engineering services and top-quality products and results. We are expert in anything steel. We are manned with professionals and experts in different fields with years of experience, so we guarantee you a great experience. If you would like to know more, explore our official website or contact us so we can answer your questions directly.

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