Custom Metal Tables, Base,
Frames, and Legs

Tables are the heart of every home. It is around them that important conversations take place. Whether it’s a dining table, a coffee table or even a center table, memories have been built around it. We create custom metal tables, base, frames, and legs to add meaning to your home.

How about making tables more fun and stylish? Here at Ferrum, we turn ordinary tables extraordinary and fun. Contact us now!

Custom Metal Tables

Custom metal tables can create a more interesting and inviting space. It can be a center piece of a room, a conversation starter. Tables should not only be made of durable and long-lasting materials but should also match the theme and feel of a home. Ferrum creates custom metal tables, base, frames, and legs and we create them in precision! 

Metal Table Frame

Add a modern and unique centerpiece to your home with custom metal table frames. Handcrafted by our talented fabricators, our product undergoes careful quality control to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Custom Steel Table Base and Legs

At Ferrum, we create table bases and legs in fun and unique styles and designs. We have a range of existing designs for you to choose from or you can send us a photo of the design that you want us to create or recreate. From dining metal table base to coffee table base to center table base, you are confident that we can fabricate them exactly how you want them. Our custom steel table leg designs are unique and custom handmade. 

We only use high-end, top quality materials and premium powder coating for a stunning look and finish. With only the best quality materials, our custom steel table base and legs can last for a lifetime.

Let your own design define your preferred table top – may it be a glass, wood or any other material. Contact us right away for more information.

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