Custom Gates, Fences, and Railings

You can certainly put your mind at ease and secure your home and business with custom gates, fences, and railings. Because here at Ferrum, we give you not only the best in quality and style, but we also provide you security with a work of art.

Since our products are custom fabricated, we give you the freedom to choose your own design. Our products are carefully crafted to enhance the look and value of your property, all while making sure that they withstand the test of time. 

Custom Gates

Custom gates are just one of the state-of-the-art fabrications that we can do. We can also help you determine the ideal gate designs that would fit your driveway and your house design.

Whether it’s a standard driveway gate or a fully customized one according to your specifications. We can definitely create a gate to complement your existing fence or install a complete fence and gat package. Contact us for more details.

Custom Fences

If you are looking for top quality custom fences manufacturer and installer, you have definitely come to the right place.

Express your creativity by sending us your own design or allow us to help you craft a style suited for your property.  At Ferrum, we make sure to bring a great level of uniqueness and sophistication to your home or business with our custom fences.

Because our products are created entirely by our artisans, you can feel confident that you will have a perfectly made fence that’s carefully crafted to meet your needs.

Custom Railings

Provide your own home with a stylish, sophisticated outdoor or indoor railing in your very own design! Because, we make everything possible for you!

Whether contemporary to traditional, our custom railings are built using only the best quality materials.

The design, fabrication and installation of custom railings is what we do best. With the hard work we put in each of our products, we can certainly assure you that it is made in meticulous detail and precision – simply made to perfection! Contact us right now!

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