Custom Bars and Counters

Bars and counters are the heart of every restaurant, club or café. They have a big effect on the overall feel of the dining space. However, they are not just made for commercial use. More and more homes are embracing the idea of custom bars and counters, revolutionizing the way they host their family and friends.

Here at Ferrum, we do not create out-of-the-mill bars and counters. We understand the different tastes and styles of every one and we build according to your needs and requirements. Whether you need custom bars and counter for your home or restaurant, we got you covered! Contact us now!

Custom Stainless-Steel Countertops

Stainless-steel countertops are sleek and shiny. Not only do they look good in your kitchen but it is also the most popular in the food industry. Their popularity is mainly because of their durability, strength and low maintenance requirements.

At Ferrum, we create custom stainless-steel countertops according to your specifications. No matter the design, we guarantee that they not only fascinate you but also serve your needs. We take pride in offering complete solutions to your custom fabrication needs. From professional advice on your custom bar design to installation, we will be with you every step of the way.

Custom Home Bar Builders

Entertaining guests can sometimes be a little tense, but a good bar or a mini bar at home always makes everything better!

Being custom home bar builders, we will bring your dream home bar to life! We specialize in creating designs that tailor fit your home. And because we create them from scratch, we also entertain the idea of letting fly your creative minds, allowing you to create your own custom bar design.

Metal Bars and Counters

We understand what it takes to create and build metal bars and counters. And we’d like to believe we are an authority in the field.

We create, design and use only the finest materials, producing high-quality metal bars and counters. With our very talented craftsmen, we not only get the job done but we always strive to bring results that go beyond your inspiration.

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